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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Lackin, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Well we know the winner don't we...

    or do we??
  2. :yes:
  3. Cass and Enzo better be winning some titles in Brooklyn though. I mean - how you doin? C'mon!
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  4. lol Jobbing Owens out to Balor TWICE? Fuck that. Hopefully there's some kind of shenanigans involved, like Owens just saying "fuck it" after a certain point during the match and deciding to destroy Balor and get himself disqualified since he's more interested in sending a message to John Cena (or whoever his opponent at Summerslam is) the next night than he is in winning back the NXT Championship.
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  5. Bálor is the obvious winner here. I'm excited for their rematch.

    Although I would've been fine with them not doing it. They could've just jobbed out that lame ass turd Corbin at TakeOver.
  6. Will be fun, but indeed Owens shouldn't be losing again. It's bad enough he got pinned for no damn reason in that tag match last week.
  7. Yeah, wtf is the deal with that guy. Sure, he wins quickly against nobodies. Does he have no aspiration to be champ? He hasn't shown any
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  8. Besides a cool finisher, this guy's got nothing else on him.
    Sure, there is the size factor and I know there are some suits backstage that squirt to him, but I have no interest in this guy.
    He's completely bland, just like Bull Dempsey.
  9. I actually kind of like the direction they took with Dempsey being the fat lazy guy lol
  10. Itami should run interference and attack Owens. They could make it seem like he is exacting his revenge on Kevin, but they could use it to give him a slow burn heel turn. They're planning to do Balor/Itami anyways so its gotta start somewhere. I'm not interested in that likely feud though.
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  11. Balor hating on based Corbin. Corbin can work good matches, his house show run with Kalisto proved that. He's being very protected tho because he is very green and he is a long term investment
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  12. Looking back on his indy career, he seems comfortable being a big, fat goof.


    So, yeah, what the hell. Not like I care about the guy. lol
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  13. I see John Cena interfering in this match. Owens losing wouldn't be good, but I want Balor to win.
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  14. If I had the option of chosing between this show and the ROH show the same night based off of this match and the Roderick Strong vs Okada match: I'd go to ROH, mainly because this might be the only time Strong vs Okada wrestle each other and this would be the third match between Finn and Owens.
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure if NXT will be able to top ROH's card (only match I'm kinda scratching my head about is that Nakamura/Lethal tag but whatever). Maybe if they bring in one or two main roster guys.
  16. I do hope Cass and Enzo walk out with the tag titles.

    I'd rather see Balor defending against anybody else than Owens at Takeover, but I'm good with it. I'm interested to see how they work that match. I still have a suspicion it might end up being a triple threat (I don't know if they've filmed all the shows leading up to it). It's just a feeling I have.

    As it is, I don't like faces winning with shenanigans, but I can see Owens losing after interference by somebody. I just know that Balor's got to walk out with the NXT World Championship (see, PWI -- I can do it, too!!!) unless it's a triple threat and the "third man" is going to win it.

    My big question/concern is who takes the belt off of Sasha (I just got a mental image of myself taking a belt off was nice.....not that Mrs. Wacokid27 would approve, but still), but I figure somebody will be doing so at TakeOver. Originally, I figured it would be Becky Lynch (and it might still be), but now I'm thinking it's not going to be her or Charlotte (unless the "debut of the NXT Divas on Raw" was a temporary thing.

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  17. I guess it's gonna be Bayley then. Not really sure about it because Sasha has been acting face-ish these days, but it'd be fun (after the injury and all).
  18. She approves of your love for me, but can't get down on Sasha?
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  19. She knows that there's no hope for my love for you ever diminishing. She believes she has a shot against Sasha.

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  20. - The Vaudevillains are actually #1 contenders as of now. So, at TakeOver, I see them walking out with the tag team gold.
    And I actually expect Zo & Cass to take away the titles from Vaudevillains at the next TakeOver.

    - Bálor vs Owens could end in a DQ. I think Shadow was the one who suggested that Itami would interfere, attack KO, cause the DQ and thus trigger a slow burn heel turn.
    If it wasn't for Itami getting hurt, he'd have won that triple-threat that was originally scheduled to happen (Bálor/Breeze/Itami) and he would've won the NXT title in Japan.
    Bálor/Itami is gonna happen anyway and having Itami as a heel could work, I guess.

    - I think Bayley might be the one to dethrone The Boss.
    She's currently dealing with a hand injury, hence why she wasn't called up on RAW this week (at least in my opinion), but yes, Bayley defeating Sasha sounds plausible.
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