NXT Clash of the Champions

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Nano, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Well, it may be a good show, but the name was a WCW's PPV name so...

    Can NXT be the new WCW brand?
  2. No. It won't be the new WCW.

    NXT is the developmental system and is showing no signs of becoming anything else.

    This themed episode which will air in two weeks is a tribute to the old ppv. Nothing more. It might become a re occuring thing but since NXT isn't on American TV I doubt it.
  3. Off-topic: Could Smackdown become more of a WCW-type show? Would give people a reason to watch.
  4. It could, sure maybe it's a good idea
  5. Could you explain your definition of a WCW-type show?
  6. I think he talks about a show like Monday Nitro
  7. Raw and Smackdown basically feel like the same show, minus the blue ropes and the little bits-and-pieces of technical issues that comes from taping TV. Would be cool to see Smackdown take more production concepts from Nitro.
  8. I see. It could definitely work, but I don't think Vince would give it a chance. Especially with the brand extension all but dead. I would actually enjoy having them be completely separate shows, with separate rosters, production, and announcers. That way you could alternate which brand gets a generic PPV, then have both brands appear on the big 4.
  9. Yeah, production differences between Raw and SD would be good.
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