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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, May 3, 2012.

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  1. @[Stopspot] just posted a status on this, so lets get the rest of the forum's opinions. NXT, arguably WWE's D show, has really become the A show for many fans over here. While we give Raw and Smackdown an average of 1.5 out of 10 on this site, NXT seems to always leave us wanting more.

    Plenty of questions and things to discuss here, such as...

    A. Why do you think NXT is better than Raw and Smackdown?
    B. What can Raw and Smackdown take from NXT to improve their shows?
    C. How much does the lack of titles help/hurt the show?
    D. Is there anything weekly threads we should make about the show?
    And anything that comes to mind. Have at it.
  2. A. Personally I'd say it's the fact that they allow feuds time to develop. Very rarely do we on NXT see a feud be throw together hastily, fast forwarded through and forgotten two weeks later. The Kidd vs McGillcutty feud has been going on since March now and has been allowed to grow and mature, both guys putting out some of their best work ever in the WWE. When wrestlers on NXT get in the ring there is very seldom a hap hazard match that's just thrown together. There is almost always some kind of feud or storyline behind it.

    B. Letting feuds build over longer stretches of time and be more dynamic. Focus on more then just one superstar. On Smackdown and RAW only the top guys get feuds worth discussing. On NXT you can be equally invested in the Curts-Maxine story as the JTG story at the moment.

    C. I honestly think it helps at least a bit. It allows for the focus to be on the stars and their wrestling. The feuds are not tied around titles. Rather drama. In this case it works but titles are needed for this to be a sports based show. Title feuds can still be dramatic though. The same formula that works on NXt works for RAW and SD's title feuds if they would just want to. On NXT the lack of titles help because the guys are suppose to be new. We don't need to see them in a title feud immediately.

    D. Draine. I'd be happy to work on a weekly NXT discussion/recap project with you.
  3. A: I don't really consider any show to be superior, I enjoy all of them. I really like NXT though, it allows the guys time to develop. And it's true, there's always some sort of story going on.

    B: Put on longer matches, have the whole show mean something. I mean, on Raw/SD, there's always some diva/tag/squash match thrown around that doesn't have a story behind it, and is really just put on so they can say the match happened. That doesn't happen on NXT.

    C: Just like Stopspot said, it allows feuds to have an actual storyline other than just being for the title. So many short, meaningless feuds/storylines have happened over titles, without any reason or continuity after the blow off match for the title.

    D: I'd love to participate in something like that too, I like the idea.
  4. Every division of NXT is relevant, that's the key.
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  5. Thanks for the input, guys!
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