NXT episode #200

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  1. Here's the 200th episode of NXT, on the card is:

    Sami Zayn & Tyson Kidd vs Krueger & Cesaro

    Paige vs Sasha Banks

    Ascension vs American Pitbulls (Derrick Billington & John Cahill)

    Adrian Neville vs Bo Dallas for the NXT title in a lumberjack match.

    Was a good episode. I enjoyed it.
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  2. That one's airing today?

    Leo Kruger's really growing on me, so that tag match should be mindblowing. Great to be a fan of Cesaro, only late to that bandwagon by 3 years.
    Speaking of bandwagons, awesome that the Wolves' match aired. Awesome. Sign them. Not the biggest fan but who cares, what the Net crowd likes gets over in 2013.
    Neville/Dallas 1 was way more fun than expected, and now with the added chaos it oughta be fun again. Did JBL set it up?
    And surely the latest in the string of great NXT women's matches, the NXT Divas' Division is truly one of the best things in wrestling, especially when you look at the timeline.
    Isn't wrestling great when it makes sense? :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Sad that some sections of NXT outshine Raw and Smackdown. Hell PPVs even. I heard the announcers say Krueger was trying to prove he should be a Real American as well. How awesome would that be!?
  4. I always enjoy NXT when I watch but I'm not diligent enough with my viewing. ep 200 seems like a nice even # to start watching with more consistency.

    This HHH promo to open the show is pretty damn solid, putting over NXT well
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  5. even NXT"s theme puts Raw/SD to shame
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  6. +1
  7. Tensai commentating lol
  8. Davey Richards NXT name is Derrick Billington, a tribute to his idol the Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington). How nice of Davey.
  9. an opening tag match with 4 good workers that has backstory to it


    Cesaro is the fucking man
  10. I hope Bo loses that fucking title
  11. On the topic of the Ascension vs Pitbulls match: I have watched a lot of American Wolves matches, both singles and tag, and this is one of the shortest I have seen but also one of the better ones.

    The wolves haven't lost their style, but they seem much more animated and showcase personality. Plus the match is more structured and not as much spamming of moves as it tends to be:

    If they are given a chance to sign with the E after this trial period I see it working out well for them. If NXT could reprogram Rollins to tell a good story it can do the same to the wolves.
  12. [​IMG]

    Figure @Leo C will enjoy this.
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  13. It was a very good show. The opening tag match didn't feel random and there was some good action, it was really cool to see the wolves in NXT (And Davey getting dropped in his head was a cool moment too), laughed at Emma/Natalya segment, marked for Enzo back as well, the main event had an interesting finish. Good show indeed.
  14. I really liked the show, I love the good chemistry between Zayn and Cesaro/Kruger. a good divas match, they should call Paige up to the main roster she is more talented than a lot of divas. Good that The Wolves put on a good show, I really marked out for them. The Main Event was pretty solid and it`s heating up a rivalry between Breeze and Neville that I would love if they continue with it
  15. Pretty good show, standard NXT quality. But one of my main complaints is heel paper champions being anti-draws... but somehow with Bo, it feels like it's working. :idk: What's making Bo different? Will this work on the main roster?
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