NXT February 21 2013

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxo8oa_by-rulez-txn-2013-02-21-hdtv-pt1-1_tech#from=embediframe[/video]

    It's that time of the week again folks. NXT time! Also this week feautres Bray Wyatt's return to singles competition.
  2. Notes on this weeks episode.

    Lots of focus on the Divas division this week. Running two feuds in parallel with each other. I am positive to this since the NXT divas roster seems really good. Paige is good no doubt about it and Summer is a great heel for her to play off of. Summer plays her heel role really well. Sasha is also a good diva and her feud with Audrey Marie can be interesting.

    Nice to see Bray back in the ring, hopefully he starts heading for either main roster or NXT title. They also evolved and showcased how he controls the Family which was interesting.

    I can see Xavier taking more space on the show now with more people being called up to main roster.

    I guess we are getting Kruger vs Gabriel sometime down the road. Great to see Kidd given a chance to talk and develop verbally.

    Good main event. Physical and raw with two powerhouses. Nice ending to the match and a real good ending to the show as a whole.
  3. Was a nice episode. Nice focus on the Divas, Wyatt in the ring is always nice and Big E on NXT does well.
  4. The one problem I had was that it felt like it was all just setting up next week. But the content itself was good.
  5. I'm 4-minutes into this and already marking like a schoolgirl... Bray Wyatt goes into the ring, I don't remember much about him so am watching intently... Yoshi does a few things before Bray picks him up and gives him a Rock Bottom from hell! Any way someone can gif that?
  6. Indeed. That needs to be giffed.
  7. Awesome episode!

    Show Spoiler

    Already put my thoughts on Bray, so glad to see him back... Xavier and Ricardo had a really, really good match, both people impressed and the crowd is hilarious, hopefully El Local will be pushed as well once they have more call-ups.

    The main event was awesome, like a poor man's Morgan vs Crimson. I'm more impressed with Conor every time I see him, and Big E gets the "Doesn't Matter Got Over" tag. Was hoping some jobber would run out mid-match and just get flattened before these two walking brainless gigantic neanderthals went back to pummeling each other, but the ref worked too. Then the ending... :lol1:

    Hated the Secret Admirer storyline (so burnt out on love stories) but it setting up AJ Lee vs Mickie James Audrey Marie vs Sasha Banks worked out okay. Match was fine, it really needed more time but that would take away from the 3 'Mania video packages. #wwelogic. Maryse Summer Rae was obnoxious on the mic, but that was probably by design.

    So, they may actually use the CM Punk thing as a way to push Tyson? :yay: DO IT WWE! DO IT! DO IT! PLEASE!
  8. i feel like Connor needs to get used to working as a singles guy again but that comes with time. He's been in a tag team for so long that he needs to get used to carrying both charisma and workrate again.
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