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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. /Wrestlinginc.

    In short: We're going to keep a steady crop of independent talent in NXT to handle the grunt work of the brand part of NXT along with our self trained talent that are ready instead of putting green as gooseshit rookies in front of cameras when they aren't ready.
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  2. I suppose that sounds like a good thing.

    At first I thought it was going to say they are going to try to build NXT as a separate brand to try and recreate the success of the WCW vs WWE days. Although I guess they might not just come right out and say that now, would they?
  3. I've always thought you need enhancement talents in your dev. territory and not just guys you want to bring up to the main roster. A mix of both is needed.
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  4. Cesaro was an awesome enhancement talent for NXT, Tyson Kidd as well.. I wish they would incorporate more of the main roster guys on the show.. It's not like everyone of them have something to do on the main roster anyway so why not make them earn their money by helping put over some of the guys in the developmental leagues.
  5. NXT has had a steady stream of enhancers. A lot of the guys straight from the PC start off as jobbers before they are taken away for a while and repackaged. Corbin, Blake, Murphy and Bull are prime examples.
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  6. yea but those guys all suck. I'm talking about enhancement like bringing in Rhino. That shit is dope.
  7. Ah, got ya.

    We'll see who Hunter brings in next. We might see Kendrick again since he's trying to get a trainer gig. And I guess we have A-Ry for now
  8. I'd like to see Kendrick come back for another match or two at some point, I always found him decently entertaining when given a chance to put on a match that didn't end in a squash.

    I read like a little over a week ago that they are expecting to continue with bringing in older veterans.. basically they feel like the youngins will learn the business quicker by working with some of these older guys.
  9. This is cool and all, but hope they don't lose sight of the quality WWE-produced guys they have down there, either. That and it's always fun to watch people like Alexa Bliss and Colin Cassidy start out struggling and find their groove, in the ring, on the mic, so don't worry about sticking too many green guys on the show. :emoji_slight_smile: That's what keeps the show fresh
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