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  1. You have a Raw and SmackDown forum, but you don't have a NXT forum. Could you consider adding one? It would be alot easier adding one than making a thread.
  2. Not many people watch NXT.
    It's not aired in the U.S and there isn't that many threads about it.
  3. That's why on the 8th day, god invented the WWE PPV and events forum.
  4. I think at the moment we place them in WWE and PPV's. NXT isn't really big enough for its own forum.
  5. Answered already, not enough active content for it. Not many users really watch it at the moment, especially as it's not available for US members (on TV anyway) and US is by far our most popular demographic.
  6. NXT is too small a show without enough content or threads about it to deserve its own forum. Shows like NXT, Saturday Morning Slam, Superstars, Main Event etc and WWE ppvs go under the WWE PPV's & Events forum.
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