NXT getting a diva's title

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Looks ten times better than the main roster one. Now NXT doesn't need anymore belts. But this one was needed to give the ladies something to strive towards on screen.

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  2. That looks dope.
  3. Nice belt, IMO the nicest female belt I've ever seen.
  4. Same, it's feminine with the jewels so it represents the division but doesn't look overly girlyish so it's ridiculous. Would look great on Paige.
  5. Not a fan of today wwe title belts,looks like a belt buckle.
  6. A more competitive divas division in their developmental show than their big brand shows.

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  7. Looks great, so is the division.
  8. This is why everyone should be excited for Hunter taking over, he takes the good of the old school and mixes it with the best of the new. He knows the business inside out.
  9. Agreed, but how much the main shows will change with him in charge is unknown.
  10. Whilst this is true to an extent I'm not sure I fully agree with it, how he's revamped the development structure is a prime example that he's not afraid of implementing his own philosophy. Whether it will be better I can't confirm or deny but I'm pretty sure it will be different to our current product.
  11. It's a lot easier revamping NXT than it is your two main brands that bring in the money.
  12. Which I'm not denying but he's been given the ball thus far with NXT and he's revamped it, the odds are in his favour to begin revamping Raw too in time. Do you honestly feel H will run the same style of Show Vince does?
  13. Not the same no. I just really have my doubts that RAW will change drastically like NXT will so quickly. It will definitely get better no doubt, but I don't think the specific things that the IWC mainly complain about will be fixed. The idiotic booking and the nonsensical idea of the minority of kids being more important than the large majority of other demographics. Whilst HHH will still be in charge, he'll still have to answer to investors and shit, the same Vince has had to do.
  14. It looks good, even more prestigious than the mans championship imo
  15. Try it on, im sure it would fit you well :pity:
  16. :isee:
  17. [​IMG]

    Seriously though the belt looks good, im sure it would be wonderful on a Seabs.
  18. Thought they already had a Divas' title, it looks like a butterfly
  19. that's the main roster Diva title.
  20. Looks pretty good. It looks like a midcard belt, but with the gems it adds a feminine touch to it. Not bad, of course better then the main rosters Diva's championship belt, better then the tag team championship, and it'll give the divas a purpose on NXT other then feuding with nothing to gain.
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