NXT is awesome start watching it more.

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  2. Do we have an NXT uploader?
  3. A decent match between a good worker and Michael McGuojkncjnsncmcncutty, NXT has been putting them on for a while now apparently.
  4. I like how they are actually making like semi epic promo material before matches so superstars can practice their talking skills. Really thoughtful of WWE recognizing their talents.
  5. They can have matches as good as Shawn Michaels Undertaker but I'm still not gonna watch til they bring Cole Back <3
  6. It's a shame they'll not use them on the main shows tbh, someone like Tyson could be a decent IC champ.
  7. Tyson Kidd just needs a good gimmick to jump off of then he can get on the big shows more often. I mean his mic skills are decent and not bad.
  8. So... I haven't watched NXT in a while, is McGuojkncjnsncmcncutty a face now? 'Cus that vid made me dislike Tyson Kidd for whatever reason.
  9. Michael is the heel but very bad job of how they made Tyson portray himself as a face. He turned face earlier in 2012 but I guess it's because he was still pretty heelish during the face turn.
  10. NXT and Superstars > Raw and Smackdown
  11. Superstars is awfull no way better than RAW and SD!

    Cant comment on NXT!
  12. Superstars is usually the best wrestling show tbh, emphasis on the word wrestling.
  13. But we aint watching wrestling it's sports entertainment! the Olympics is wrestling
  14. Strange I thought we watched professional wrestlers. :matt:
  15. Erm well I dunno tbh it's sports entertainment is it pro wrsetling i dont know?

    Surely pro wrestling wouldnt have storylines and be more like olympic style wrestling?
  16. Such a troll.
  17. :troll:

    love ya seabs

  18. You oughta appreciate this one.

    Superstars is usually pretty hit-or-miss, I'll agree, but there's a better chance of seeing a four-star match on there than on Raw or Smackdown.
  19. I think I'm more likely to have a four star match than Raw or Smackdown.
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  20. Automatically mark as I like Gabriel and Hunico watching the match now!
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