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Discussion in 'NXT' started by CM Punk, Apr 7, 2015.

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    But where the big guys at like Cena, Orton or Reigns? Like I like some stars in NXT, but where are the big stars of tomorrow or bigger than life superstars? We're seriously lacking in that department and it'll be soon filled with vanilla midgets. I'm a fan of Owens, Zayn, Balor, Itami as much as the next guy, but we need more big guys IMO.

    Anyone agree?
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  2. I'm fine with anything. As long as they have a strong suite that I enjoy I don't see a problem with them getting a chance at the big times despite their physique or size.
  3. I would agree, however for the most part all we've seen big guys on NXT do are squash matches. I'm happy with any size person as long as they wrestle well. I really don't want too many squash matches, it gets boring so fast.
  4. I'm cool with 'vanilla midgets', as much as I am with big guys.

    Size doesn't matter. The guys don't have to be 6'5'' and 250lbs to be in the ME and stuff, as long as they can wrestle and put on entertaining matches, it's all kewl.
  5. obviously, but that doesn't mean you want an entire roster made up of "average joes"
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  6. Didn't someone recently say NXT basically has the same style/move set? Like at least with the main product you can differentiate everyone, but with NXT it's all the same shtick.
  7. I would say whoever claims that doesn't know what they are talking about.
    Most of the NXT roster have distinct movesets and a lot of the roster have distinct characters that set them apart. Granted most matches follow a similar structure, but you are going to find that in every company.
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  8. Uhaa's coming in I believe. I also think that despite most of the top NXT stars currently being indy geeks WWE keeps recruiting people of various sizes/backgrounds, guess it just takes a while longer for them to make TV and all.
  9. What Leo said is right.
    WWE recruits guys of all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds. The guys coming from the indies/internationals just have more experience and are ready to be put on "TV" faster than the people they have to train from the ground up.

    People don't tend to remember how it looked back in FCW when guys with 3 months of training were put on TV and expected to work full on matches.
  10. I agree, about time we saw chocolate giant action.
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  11. Got that right. As always.

    I still remember when the fans were so disappointed with Itami when he first showed up, when he was having boring matches with the Ascension (shocker). Not that Itami's terrible or anything, it's just SO EASY to look at these guys and forget that this is developmental, and Kenta was still getting used to the WWE Style and becoming the "firey fighting spirit guy" we know today. Seems like with so many other guys they feel TV ready from day 1, even if they're not.

    Although is it just me, or does it seem like the NXT style differs from the style on the main roster? Feels like there's a better variety of filler moves.

    As for the OP: Definitely agreed! WWE can really use some better bigs.
  12. I kinda do want a larger character or two more. They could be used to show someone's strength, can be a good addition to a tag team or stable and other uses. I wouldn't want too many though, then it kinda takes away that special aura around them. Wouldn't mind someone as agile as a young Big Show.
  13. I agree. For me, it's all about variety though, and while I'm all for the inclusion of smaller, more athletically gifted guys, I typically prefer the bigger and/or more charismatic, larger-than-life characters since they're generally far more entertaining. Give me the Brock Lesnar's, the Dean Ambrose's, the Bray Wyatt's, the Roman Reigns', the Ryback's, etc. over the others all day long. Not that smaller wrestlers can't have charisma (Eddie Guerrero and Daniel Bryan) or carry the ambience of being an ass-kicker (Chris Benoit), but more often than not, it just jives better with size. Imagine the Undertaker or Stone Cold's gimmick in the body of a Daniel Bryan.

    On the flip side, I consider myself a fan of guys like Seth Rollins, but I wouldn't want everyone in the company to start fitting this mold. I still want WWE to put more focus on larger-than-life personas and not just start looking like your standard Indy promotion. It's why the most interesting prospect in NXT for me currently is Kevin Owens since he doesn't look cookie-cutter and feels more like a legitimate ass-kicker.
  14. Is that what people tell you? :pity2:
  15. You'll be pleased in the coming months then. Uhaa Nation is coming in, and while not 6,7 he's A LOT beefier than most other fellows. And we have two legitimate strong men working the house shows ready to get on TV.
  16. It doesn't matter what they tell me! :rock:
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  17. I'm surprised WWE hasn't signed Brian Cage back up.
  18. Too many roids
  19. We need some more BatistA & Orton-esque mofuggas in this piece.
  20. They are on their way. Bran Stowman (or however it is spelled) is going to debut soon and he's about the size of Kane and a legit strongman. And Jason Jordan will get a push, it is inevitable.

    Not to mention people getting try outs.
    This right here is Beast, one of the guys on the Swedish version of American Gladiators and a pro wrestler/MMA fighter. He has a try out with WWE next week in England and he's legit the height of the Undertaker.

    Big guys are coming, they just take longer to develop since they more often than not come from other backgrounds than pro wrestling.
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