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  1. Following the commercial success and ratings of WrestleMania XXX, World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon was advised by his son-in-law and the Executive Vice President of Talent and Creative Storylines, Paul Levesque, known to many people by his ring name, Triple H, to focus on the future and more importantly, to the current developmental territory known as NXT. Levesque advised McMahon to find a new commissioner for NXT, someone with more fire, determination and hope to show the new talent of the WWE that they have what it takes to succeed in the company and become legends of Sports Entertainment.

    It took a while and lots of nagging and arguing, but McMahon finally came around to Levesque's idea. He began to focus on NXT as much as he focused on RAW and SmackDown, and pooled a lot of his resources into finding a new Commissioner of NXT.

    Adam Rose
    Adrian Neville
    Aiden English
    Alexander Rusev
    Angelo Dawkins
    Baron Corbin
    Bo Dallas
    Brad Maddox
    Brodus Clay
    CJ Parker
    Colin Cassady
    Corey Graves
    Curt Hawkins
    David Otunga
    Drake Wuertz
    El Local
    Enzo Amore
    Evan Bourne
    Fergal Devitt
    Jason Jordan
    Justin Gabriel
    Marcus Louis
    Mojo Rawley
    Sami Zayn
    Sawyer Fulton
    Scott Dawson
    Solomon Crowe
    Sylvester LeFort
    Richie Steamboat
    Troy McClain
    Tye Dillinger
    Tyler Breeze
    Tyson Kidd
    Zack Ryder
    Yoshi Tatsu

    Alexa Bliss
    Alicia Fox
    Kendall Skye
    Sasha Banks
    Summer Rae

    On-Screen Personnel:
    Eden Stiles (Ring Announcer)
    Devin Taylor (Interviewer)
    Byron Saxton (Commentary Team)
    Alex Riley (Commentary Team)
    William Regal (Commentary Team)

    Tag Teams:
    The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)
    Los Locales (El Local and Kalisto)
    Hunico and Camacho
    Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore
    Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger

    Championship Corner:

    NXT Champion: Adrian Neville
    Defeated: Bo Dallas (NXT Arrival)
    Defences: Bo Dallas, Brodus Clay

    NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)
    Defeated: Adrian Neville and Corey Graves
    Defences: Adrian Neville and Corey Graves, Hunico and Camacho, numerous local teams.

    NXT Women's Champion: Sasha Banks
    Defeated: Natalya
    Defences: None
    OOC: Okay! Hello everyone and welcome to this brand new, shiny and sparkling, NXT BTB! I will, of course, be showing you the brand new NXT Commissioner soon, as well as continuing dirtsheets, WWE.com updates and chances to win excellent prizes to do with this BTB! I hope you all enjoy this, and I want you to #LooktotheFuture!​

  2. WWE Meeting to decide the new NXT Commissioner.

    People Present:

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon
    Paul Levesque
    Paul Heyman (via Skype)
    Stephanie McMahon-Levesque
    Michael Crowley

    All members except Michael Crowley are seated around a boardroom table, talking amongst themselves about the new candidate for the NXT Commissioner. Paul Heyman is unsure about the new candidate, as he has not been able to find out anything about him and none of his contacts know anything about him. Paul Levesque, on the other hand, has complete trust and faith in the new signing and has 'talked' with this mysterious candidate already. Whilst Heyman and Levesque get into a short argument, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and Vince McMahon stay quiet and await for the candidate.
    After a few minutes of waiting, Michael Crowley is buzzed into the conference room and enters, holding a folder full of documents under his arm. He has short, black hair with grey hairs here and there, and a perfectly trimmed and organized beard. He has a few wrinkles and very white skin. He is wearing a black, three-piece suit and has sunglasses shading his eyes, which he takes off and proceeds to put into his blazer pocket. He places the folder full of documents onto the table and takes a seat, before coughing and beginning to speak.

    Michael Crowley: Good afternoon, Mr. McMahon, Mrs. McMahon-Levesque, Mr. Heyman and Mr. Levesque, please allow me to introduce myself, as I am very sure that you have not heard of me. My name is Michael Crowley, and I have been notified of Mr. Heyman's scouring of the internet to try and find anything about me. Mr. Heyman, I must say that you're eye for detail is impeccable, but I prefer to keep all of my notes and personal queries in my head. Now, this is my first venture into something like this, but I know many wrestlers in this world, including these four superstar wrestlers right here, inside these documents.

    Michael Crowley opens the folder and unclips four sheets of paper from the binder. He flips them over to reveal four bios on four completely different wrestlers:

    Brutus Magnus
    Uhaa Nation
    Karl Anderson
    Tama Tonga

    Crowley relaxes in his seat as all members of the conference look over the bios. Heyman doesn't seem impressed and neither does McMahon, but Levesque is smiling with happiness.

    Michael Crowley: First on that list we have Brutus Magnus. Now Brutus Magnus is from a company that everyone in this room has heard of: TNA. Now then, Brutus Magnus used to be a U.K. Gladiator, and I believe that he has a large amount of potential to be a top player in this company. Before I came to this meeting, I watched over some TNA Footage of Magnus in addition to some action from his time in Pro Wrestling NOAH, another wrestling company some of you may have heard of. Accompanying info from my sources, everything on that bio on Brutus Magnus is accurate. The man has a very good look for professional wrestling and, perhaps more importantly, he has a strong, commanding presence inside the ring. He knows what to do in order to put himself across as a star, somebody who you cannot take your eyes off of. His in-ring performances are not exactly spectacular, but they are quite solid and better than several individuals who have been placed into main event positions with this company over the past several years, no offence meant, of course. But, if history is any indication, a properly pushed English wrestler in this company can lead to huge gates across the pond when the company goes on tour, as guys like the British Bulldog have shown us. I don't know what Magnus' contractual status with TNA is or whether it would even be possible for him to jump ship to us, but under my guidance, I believe he could become a huge star.

    Crowley then goes on to describe the other wrestlers in the folder, and waits for a reaction from the WWE Directors that are sat in front of him. They talk for a while, before McMahon gives the final say.

    Vince McMahon: Well Mr. Crowley, I understand why Paul recommended you to me. I see you have a huge network of information available to yourself, which in fact frightens me, but with you as NXT Commissioner, I believe that our future is in safe hands. In response to the wrestlers you have brought to our attention, I believe that you have picked good talent to sign to this company. I have full faith in your abilities and that of your signings and I am glad to announce you are the new NXT Commissioner, congratulations.
    A contract will be drawn up and sent to your housing, before you must relocate to Full Sail University, but your signings will be carried out by yourself or those you deem necessary to see.

    Michael Crowley nods, before clipping his bios back into the folder and leaving the room, giving the others a chance to talk to themselves.​
  3. Great stuff, can't wait to see the first show!
  4. great

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  5. Really like it. It's only the second time I've seen this done, but I just love EWR/TEW diaries with this sort of dialogue between the booker and Vince, HHH and such. Loved indy mark Hunter and how Heyman has already tried to look stuff up and isn't even there. Keep it up, great work.
  6. WWE Meeting: Contract Signings Update

    People Present:

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon
    Paul Levesque
    Stephanie McMahon-Levesque
    Paul Heyman
    Michael Crowley (via. Skype)

    *As Heyman and all members of the McMahon family discuss the new NXT Commissioner and the signings he has proposed to them. Heyman seems unsure about these signings and airs his distrust of the new Commissioner, but Vince waves them off as simple jealousy, which infuriates Heyman even more. As an argument between Vince and Heyman may be about to start, Michael Crowley initiates the Skype call.*

    Michael Crowley: I am truly sorry about the wait. I was just on the phone with one of my scouts around the local area, we have been trying to finish up the deals we've made.

    Paul Heyman: Wait a second, Mr. Crowley. You said that all contracts proposed to us would be completed by the time the next meeting is made? If so, you are certainly not living up to your end of our bargain.

    Michael Crowley: Mr. Heyman, all contracts between the four recommended signings have been completed and will be returning with me to America once my scouting here is complete. Before you ask, yes, I did go to Japan to recruit. I had to finish the deal with Tama Tonga on location, and I was also scouting some more talent, naming names: The Young Bucks and Tiger Mask.

    Paul Levesque: I do not appreciate the fact that you have decided to conduct these scouts without aid from WWE, and that we have no knowledge of your signings. How many signings do you plan on making, Mr. Crowley? I mean, WWE's finances are large, but do not come from a bottomless pit.

    Michael Crowley: Please, Mr. Levesque. Let me handle the signings that I wish to make, as they are all in my long-term plan for NXT. I wish to have home-grown wrestlers from America, as well as international sensations, just like your contraction of Sin Cara, which I believe you made a tremendous signing there. And I have one thing to ask, I would prefer if I chose when my superstars make their way up to the main roster, as it would give me time to prepare them for the chances that they will have. If that will be all, I have more meetings on the agenda and more phone calls to make, Goodbye.

    *Crowley terminates the call and takes a deep breath, before sitting back in his chair and taking out his phone. Meanwhile, Vince is furious. He is calmed down by the others in the room after a massive rant, before all of them leave the conference room.*

  7. Hm, thought Heyman was going to be the only guy to go against in this deal here but the plot thickens. Love imagining Vince rants. Nice one!

  8. [​IMG]
    NXT: Episode One

    NXT goes live on the WWE Network, and the pyro shoots out of the stage. The camera team circles around the arena and shows the people watching NXT on the WWE Network that delighted faces of the fans in the arena. The commentators, William Regal, Alex Riley and Tom Philips welcome us to NXT and tell everyone about the situation with the new NXT Commissioner, Michael Crowley. William Regal says that he is exicted to see what the new NXT Commissioner brings to NXT. Tom Philips follows that up by saying that Michael Crowley is not in the arena tonight, as he is still in Japan.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brad Maddox vs. Zack Ryder
    "Legends" plays as Brad Maddox, the former General Manager of Monday Night RAW, makes his way down to the ring with his usual cocky swagger. He slides into the ring and jumps over the top rope, landing on his knees on the ring mat and running his hands through his hair, grinning cockily as he did it. "Radio" hits on the PA System and Zack Ryder's titantron appears on the screen. He walks out of the curtain from backstage and runs down the ramp, climbing onto the turnbuckle from the apron. He jumps into the ring from the turnbuckle and walks over to the northwest corner.

    Closing Moments:

    Maddox stumbled to his feet, having just been kicked in the head with the Broski Boot. Ryder runs at him and jumps into the air for the Rough Ryder, which is ducked by Maddox, who spins Ryder around and hits him with a Deal Breaker. Maddox covers...1...2...3!

    Brad Maddox def. Zack Ryder via. pinfall after a Deal Breaker at 4:45

    We are taken backstage, where Devin Taylor is stood with the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. She asks Neville how he's feeling after his rough match against Tyson Kidd at NXT TakeOver. Neville replies with a chuckle, and says that Tyson was a brilliant opponent and he shouldn't run himself down about the loss. Devin Taylor thanks Adrian Neville and looks towards the camera to end the segment, but as Neville walks off, he comes face to face with Corey Graves. Graves says that Adrian only managed to get the NXT Championship because he won the NXT Tag Team Championships for him. Neville replies with a threat, saying that Graves was nothing but his shadow. Graves goes to punch Neville, but lets out an angry sigh and walks off, shoving Neville out of the way to end the segment.
    Fergal Devitt vs. Evan Bourne
    "Last Chance Saloon" hits and the crowd goes crazy for one of the newest signings for NXT, the man known only as Fergal Devitt. The Commentators remark that he made his career in Japan, and has only come over here to pursue his dream. Devitt slides into the ring and taunts to the crowd, before standing by the referee, Drake Wuertz. "Born to Win" plays through and the High-Flying Evan Bourne is set to make his NXT Debut after months of injury. He makes his way down to the ring and quickly slides inside, before jumping on the ropes and doing his signature 'Peace' taunt.

    Closing Moments:

    Devitt ducks a high kick from Evan Bourne, and bounces off the ropes and goes flying back at Evan, who does not see Devitt until the last second, and connects with a huge clothesline to the back of the head, knocking Evan down to the mat. Devitt scrambles over to Bourne and lifts him high into the air...BLOODY SUNDAY! Devitt covers! 1...2...3!

    Prince Devitt def. Evan Bourne via pinfall after a Bloody Sunday at 5:02

    As Evan Bourne retreats backstage, holding his head after the brutal Bloody Sunday, he wanders past Bo Dallas, who is just beginning to make his entrance for his match. Dallas notices Bourne, and smiles at him, before whispering something to him and patting him on the back. Bourne grits his teeth, before continuing walking as Dallas walks out onto the stage.
    Bo Dallas vs. David Otunga
    "Anything" plays on the PA System as Bo Dallas appears out of the curtain, grinning to his Bo-lievers whilst everyone else boos him. He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring via. the steps, before raising his hands into the middle of the air and smiling. "Power" plays and brings out David Otunga, the former Nexus Member, who doesn't take his eyes off of Dallas as he walks to the ring.

    Closing Moments:

    Otunga connects with a huge running shoulder block to Dallas, knocking him down to the mat. Otunga circles Dallas, who has just regained his senses and is trying to stumble back to his feet. He spins Dallas around, grabs his neck and lifts him high into the air...VERDICT! NO! DALLAS REVERSED! Bo Dallas freed himself from the move...SPEAR! SPEAR BY DALLAS STRAIGHT TO THE CHEST OF OTUNGA!
    1...2...3! Dallas wins it!

    Bo Dallas def. David Otunga via pinfall after a Spear at 4:32

    Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville

    "Break Orbit" booms through the PA System, bringing out the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. He makes his way to the ring as the crowd roars with approval, especially as he leans on the ropes and lifts his NXT Championship high into the air. "Lower the Boom" plays through as Sami Zayn walks out of the curtain, to the roar of the crowd once again. He enters the ring and does his signature wiggle, before standing in the corner.

    Closing Moments:

    Neville hits a leg lariat on Zayn, who catches the referee with a backhand as he falls. Neville starts walking over to the nearest corner and hoisting himself up onto the top turnbuckle, hoping to hit the Red Arrow on Zayn. As Neville goes to bounce off the turnbuckle, COREY GRAVES! Corey Graves jumps the barricade and hops onto the apron, where he runs and pushes Neville down towards the mat. The referee begins to stir, and stumbles to his feet as Neville lands on his feet and runs over to the apron...ELBOW TO GRAVES! Neville spins around....HELLUVA KICK BY ZAYN! THAT ROCKED NEVILLE!
    Zayn covers Neville! 1...2...3!

    Sami Zayn def. Adrian Neville via pinfall after a Helluva Kick and interference from Corey Graves.

    As Zayn celebrates, Neville rolls out of the ring to clear his head...straight into a shoulder to the leg by Graves! Zayn sees this and bounces off the ropes, before bouncing and hitting a plancha on Graves. As all three threaten to start a brawl, William Regal grabs a microphone. He says he has received a message from Michael Crowley, and it will be Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves and an opponent picked by Crowley next week on NXT, and if Graves or his partner pin Neville, they will be given a title opportunity at NXT: Ryse! Following this news, all three men stare at each other as the first episode of NXT comes to a close.

    Okay! First episode of NXT is complete!

    Thanks to @Leo C for all the support and comments he has given, so I thought I'd give him a little shout-out!
    So then, let's get down to the reviews, eh?

    1. Thoughts?
    2. Should I keep the closing moments, TEW style, or should I write the full matches?
    3. What did you think about the announcement regarding Graves, Neville and Zayn?
    4. Who do you think will be Graves' partner?
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  9. Fun show, Maddox's finisher is pretty cool. Nice to see Neville and Graves going at it, they've got some unfinished business for sure. Devitt debuting already, nice. Good to know he still got his awesome theme song and finish. Bo Dallas is always great. Even though it was with interference, Sami still pinned the NXT champ, cool! I'm also a fan of his Yakuza Kick. Thanks for the shout out man, haha. I'm a big fan of these EWR/TEW-style diaries, and I like your work with it.
    1) I've given my overall thoughts on the show, pretty much.
    2) I think the TEW style closing moments are better than the entire match.
    3)Seems like a good call, would be a fun match. Neville vs either man is alright.
    4)I'm really not sure, perhaps one of the new signings? I really hope it's Bob Backlund though.
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    NXT: Episode Two

    The theme of NXT dies out as the pyro shoots out, welcoming the fans to the show. We are taken on a quick tour of the crowd and ringside, before the cameras turn to William Regal, Tom Philips and their brand new commentator, Byron Saxton. Regal welcomes us the second episode of NXT under the new management, and reminds us of the brilliant main-event set in stone by the new General Manager of NXT, Michael Crowley, who has returned from his scouting in Japan and is on location at Full Sail University, and he says that the main event tonight is the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn taking on Corey Graves and his mysterious partner, who will be announced when the match starts.
    Suddenly, "Mr. Crowley" by the Blizzard of Oz plays as the General Manager of NXT, Michael Crowley, walks out from backstage, dressed in a black suit and red tie. He smiles to the crowd as he walks down to the ring, and enters using the steel steps. He holds his microphone in his hand and walks around the ring, before raising it to his lips. He personally welcomes everyone to Wednesday Night NXT, and says that there are a few announcements he is going to make. The first announcement is that he has hired some help, an assistant manager in his words, and he would like to announce them now....

    Show Spoiler

    The crowd goes absolutely crazy as the Rated R Superstar, Edge, walks down to the ring, dressed in a grey three-piece suit. His hair is still short and he acknowledges this as he slides into the ring, before going to brush his hair back and remembering at the last second, before smiling at the crowd in front of him. He stands by Michael Crowley and shakes his hand, before taking the microphone and beginning to speak. He says that although he cannot wrestle, he does not want to abandon the company that gave him so much, so when he received the contract from Michael Crowley, he didn't have to do much thinking about it. He then says that he will be in charge of the show when Crowley is away on international business concerning NXT, and that he actually ran the show from behind closed doors last week. He then hands the microphone back to Crowley, who is about to make his second announcement.

    He says that his thoughts have been on the NXT Tag Team Division during his trip to Japan, and that he agrees with the fans that the Ascension have held the NXT Tag Team Championships too easily, and that is because they have been facing nothing but local teams that barely have any wrestling qualifications. Michael Crowley announces that tonight's co-main event will be the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Ascension, defending their Tag Team Titles against Los Locales and the brand new additions to the NXT Roster, Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks! But Michael Crowley isn't done there, tonight there is one WWE Superstar here at NXT tonight, and will be facing Bo Dallas...and that wrestler is the winner of NXT Season One, Bad News Barrett, and that match is up next.
    Bad News Barrett vs. Bo Dallas
    "Rebel Son" plays on the PA System to kick off the first match of the night, and is followed shortly by the WWE Intercontinental Champion himself, Bad News Barrett. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs inside using the steps, before doing his boxing-into-elbow taunt in the middle of the ring. He is briefly interrupted by "Anything" the theme of his opponent here tonight, Bo Dallas, who picked up a brilliant win against David Otunga last week on NXT. Bo Dallas enters the ring, but instead of finishing his warm-up, takes a microphone from someone at ringside and asks for his music to be cut. He says that this message is directly for Evan Bourne, and he says that when he beats Barrett, he will help Bourne 'Bo-lieve' because he knows that someday, Bourne can become as great as him.

    Closing Moments:

    Barrett is staggered after a big stiff right hand from Bo Dallas, who bounces off the ropes and goes for a jumping clothesline on Barrett...who catches him into the Winds of Change! What a move by Barrett! Bo Dallas certainly felt that...as he's writhing in pain on the mat. Barrett stalks Dallas like a wounded gazelle, turning his elbow pad inside out, getting ready for the Bull Hammer. As Dallas stumbled to his feet, Barrett swings him around...BARRETT MISSES! DALLAS DUCKS THE BULL HAMMER! Dallas looked shocked, and bounces off the ropes and plants Barrett down with a Spear!
    Bo Dallas looks shocked, he can't believe that he reversed the Bull Hammer, let alone win the match!

    Bo Dallas def. Bad News Barrett via pinfall after a Spear at 8: 40
    Regal, Saxton and Philips do a quick recap on the match between Bo Dallas and Bad News Barrett, especially highlighting the ending with the missed Bull Hammer, which Barrett did not seem happy about. Saxton then says that he was not expecting Bo Dallas to even hit a move in that match, as Bad News Barrett would have easily held the match to a fistfight if Dallas wasn't on the ball, which shows how brilliant in the ring that Bo Dallas is. This is continued on by Regal, who says that Bad News Barrett shouldn't let this loss hurt him too much, as he didn't know what he was getting into in the match against Bo Dallas, and barely had any time to prepare. Philips then adds that we're going to head backstage to Devin Taylor, who is stood with Corey Graves.
    Devin Taylor thanks the commentary team and introduces his interviewee at the current time, Corey Graves. Devin asks Corey what he's feeling heading into his match this week and what caused him to interfere with the match between Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn. Corey says that he will explain himself in dear time, but he hints that Adrian Neville does not care about his friends. He cares only about his winning and his record, and he wasn't happy when he lost the NXT Tag Team Championships, just like he wasn't happy when Oliver Grey was injured. He says his goal is noble, take the NXT Championship from Adrian Neville to teach him that life is not about the gold, and it is the winning that counts, whether he has to interfere and hurt Neville, or if Neville wants to face him like a man.
    Evan Bourne vs. David Otunga
    Born to Win" plays through the PA System and Evan Bourne is set to go one-on-one with 'A-List' David Otunga. He makes his way down to the ring and quickly slides inside, before jumping on the ropes and doing his signature 'Peace' taunt, just like he did against Prince Devitt. "Power" booms through the arena as 'A-List' David Otunga walks out from backstage. The commentators admit that Otunga was annoyed at his loss to Bo Dallas last week on NXT, and will fuel his rage into this match here tonight. He slides into the ring and poses in the middle of the ring, before staring down his nimble opponent.

    Closing Moments:

    Bourne knees Otunga in the chest, knocking him down onto one knee, allowing Bourne to hit a standing Shining Wizard on Otunga, who hits his head on the bottom rope and grabs it in pain. Bourne sees his chance and drags Otunga below the corner, before hoisting himself up onto the top turnbuckle and hitting the Shooting Star Press on Otunga...1...2...3!

    Evan Bourne def. David Otunga via. pinfall after a Shooting Star Press at 6: 05

    Before Bourne can celebrate, "Anything" plays as Bo Dallas walks down the ramp, yelling something at Bourne, who is stood at the ring ropes facing the ramp. As Bourne goes to climb out of the ring onto the apron, David Otunga lunges and hits him in the upper back with an axe handle, knocking Bourne down on the middle rope. Dallas runs down and punches Bourne in the side of the head, before throwing him off the ring ropes, straight into the Verdict Spinebuster by Otunga. Both Dallas and Otunga stand high above Bourne as NXT goes into a commercial break.
    NXT Tag Team Championship Match:
    The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The Ascension (c) (Konnor and Viktor) vs.
    Los Locales (Chimaera and Kalisto)
    "Rebellion" booms through the speakers as The NXT Tag Team Champions, Konnor and Viktor, The Ascension, walk to the ring, grunting and their titles strapped around their waists. William Regal mentions that the Ascension have defeated many times and inserted their dominance in the NXT Tag Team Division, having defeated the likes of Corey Graves and Adrian Neville, the Wyatt Family and even the challengers they are facing here tonight, Los Locales. "War of Nerves" plays, bringing out the brand new additions to the NXT roster for the first time to the public, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks. They head to the ring to almost radio silence from the commentary team, who are just simply scrambling for words on this team. Finally, "Cyboid" plays as Los Locales, Kalisto and Chimaera, formerly known as El Local, walk to the ring, yelling 'Lucha! Lucha!' alongside their fans. The Commentary team mention that this team shows a magnificent amount of passion, and they could be really good contenders tonight if they work hard.

    Closing Moments:

    Konnor is knocked out of the ring after a superkick to the chin by Matt Jackson, who then turns his attention to Chimaera, who hits him with a beautiful standing enziguri, knocking Jackson to the mat. Chimaera points to his team's corner and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle, dragging a stunned Matt Jackson with him...Chimaera's Rage! What a corkscrew moonsault from Chimaera! He covers Jackson, this could be it! 1...2...NO! Jackson stays alive! Nick Jackson has had enough, and jumps into the ring and connects with a wheel kick to Chimaera, allowing Matt Jackson to scramble to his feet. Kalisto climbs onto his turnbuckle and yells at The Young Bucks, before taking both men down with a double diving clothesline! What a move by Kalisto! But as Kalisto gets to his feet, he is caught with an elbow to the forehead by Viktor. Kalisto falls to the mad with a thud, his mask probably dented from that hard shot with the elbow. Konnor, still the legal man for the Ascension, scrambles into the ring and nods to Viktor, and they set up and connect with the Fall of Man to Kalisto, a move that has won the Ascension so many matches in NXT. As they finish the move, The Young Bucks are on their feet...DOUBLE SUPERKICKS TO THE CHIN OF THE ASCENSION! THAT RATTLED BOTH MEN! Chimaera, who rolled out of the ring following the wheel kick, stumbles onto the apron, but is knocked off by Nick as Matt goes for the cover on Konnor...1...2...3! THEY DID IT!

    The Young Bucks def. The Ascension and Los Locales via. pinfall after Matt Jackson pinned double superkicks at 12: 30.
    The Young Bucks fall out of the ring, obviously battered and bruised from the match. They take their new NXT Tag Team Championships as the officials come down to check on all three teams. Matt stumbles and nearly falls into a barricade, but is caught by Nick, who throws his arm over Matt's shoulder and drags him up the ramp with him.
    Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves and ???
    "Break Orbit" plays as the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville makes his entrance heading into his tag team match. But instead of heading down the ramp, he stands on the stage as "Lower the Boom" plays, bringing out Neville's tag partner for the night, Sami Zayn! They both head down the ramp to Sami's theme song, high-fiving the fans on each side. They both head into the ring at the same time, whilst Sami does his signature wiggle and Adrian goes up onto the ropes. "Christcontrol" booms out of the speakers, the theme song of the 'Saviour of Misbehaviour' Corey Graves. He makes his way down to the ring and swings on the corner post as he gets into the ring, before staring down Adrian Neville. Michael Crowley walks out next and introduces the tag partner of Corey Graves...

    Show Spoiler

    Brutus Magnus! One of Michael Crowley's brand new signings for NXT is Corey Graves' new tag partner! He walks down to the ring to his theme song 'Vs. The World' and slides into the ring. He stands by Graves and nods as he goes out onto the apron.

    Closing Moments:

    Magnus hits a vicious clothesline on Zayn, he barely saw that coming! Zayn crawls over to his corner, and jumps for the tag to Neville...he connects! Neville's in the match. Neville runs at Magnus, who completely stops his momentum with a spinebuster, that must have nearly cracked Neville's back in half! Magnus yells and raises his hands into the air, before shoving Neville into the powerbomb position and hitting him with not one, not two but three powerbombs! That must have took the wind out of him. Magnus takes Neville and sets him up on his shoulders, before connecting with the Tormentum on Neville, who is writhing on the mat. As Magnus is about to go for the cover, Graves rushes in and connects with a shoulder block to Magnus' knee, dropping his partner. Graves jumps onto Neville and goes for the pin! 1...2..3!

    Corey Graves and Brutus Magnus def. Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn when Corey Graves pinned Neville after a Tormentum by Brutus Magnus. Graves is the new no.1 contender for Neville's title.

    Magnus is not happy with the decision and is yelling at Graves. Both men do not see Sami Zayn, who has climbed onto the turnbuckle to the left of them and is sizing them up...CROSSBODY! SAMI ZAYN JUST TOOK BOTH MEN DOWN WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY! Graves slithers out of the ring, holding his head as Michael Crowley appears on the titantron. He says that it was a brilliant match and he congratulates Corey Graves for his no. 1 contendership. He also says that at NXT: Ryse, Sami Zayn and Brutus Magnus will face off for No. 1 contendership for the NXT Championship. Both Zayn and Magnus stare at each other dead in the eyes as Neville, clutching his NXT Championship, looks on at Graves, who is stood on the ramp, looking at Neville as NXT goes off the air.
    NXT: Ryse
    Unofficial Match Card
    Grudge Match:
    Evan Bourne vs. Bo Dallas /w David Otunga

    Match Build-up (open)
    Bo Dallas has been tormenting Evan Bourne for weeks, saying that he is better than Bourne and that Bourne could never be as good as him, unless he 'Bo-lieved' in himself. Dallas then taunted Bourne after his loss to Fergal Devitt, which infuriated Bourne even more. Dallas finally made the final shot at he taunted Bourne once more, before proving that he is better after defeating Bad News Barrett, the Intercontinental Champion. But when Bourne showed signs of improvement, Dallas quickly shut him down, revealing his new alliance with David Otunga. Will Bourne be able to defeat Dallas, or will Dallas prove to be the stronger man?

    Number One Contendership Match:
    Sami Zayn vs. Brutus Magnus

    Match Build-up (open)

    When Sami Zayn defeated NXT Champion Adrian Neville, things showed to be looking up for the superstar, who had been on a run of bad form recently after losing to Tyler Breeze at Takeover. He was then entered into a tag match with Neville vs. Corey Graves and a mystery partner, who was later revealed to be Brutus Magnus, one of the new signings made by NXT General Manager, Michael Crowley. Magnus and Zayn battled it out together throughout that match, so Michael Crowley thought it might be a good idea to pit those two together for a chance at the NXT Championship the night after Ryse.

    NXT Championship Match:
    Adrian Neville vs. Corey Graves

    Match Build-up (open)
    These former tag team partners want to tear each other apart, plain and simple. Corey Graves said that Adrian Neville only cares about winning, and not about the teamwork that he had with him when they were a tag team. Neville denounced this, saying that Graves was just jealous of him. Graves then replied that he had lived in Neville's shadow for long enough, and was ready to challenge him. Graves took it one step further, interfering in Neville's match with Sami Zayn and costing him the match. Graves then pinned Neville in their tag match and cemented himself as the top contender for the NXT Championship. There will be a war, and only one of them will be walking out at Ryse.

    Review time! Okay, second episode done! Now, I recently saw that @Okada liked my first episode, and so I thought that you deserved a quick shout-out for that support! Thanks!

    1. Thoughts?
    2. What do you think of the Ryse card so far?
    3. Your thoughts on the Young Bucks defeating the Ascension and Los Locales?
    4. El Local's name change, your thoughts?

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  11. Good show. Edge as an assistant GM is a good idea, the finish to Bo's match made me laugh, Young Bucks with the belts, makes sense. Magnus as the partner is pretty interesting, and Graves stealing the pin was cool. Ryse card looks pretty good, I like those match build-ups you wrote. Young Bucks are a fine team to have as your champs, I don't think I would've given the belts to them on the first night but they would probably end up there anyway. And RR's name, well, I'm normally not a fan of guys reversing back to their indy names but El Local was a pretty bad name, so it's fine.
  12. Hello to everyone who reads NXT: Look to the Future! I am so happy with all the support from everyone, and so I am holding a little competition for everyone. I am going to be holding a NXT Independent Tournament in the next few episodes after NXT: Ryse and I need suggestions for the participants!

    The Prize for the Winner will be that they get to name Fergal Devitt's finisher, as Bloody Sunday ties in with Prince Devitt and I wish to release him from his NJPW days.

    Thanks to everyone who participates in advance!

  13. my picks are Alex shelley,Roderick Strong,ACH,Caprice Coleman,B-Boy and Bad Influence
  14. Thanks @The ReagMaster, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong, Caprice Coleman, B-Boy and Bad Influence are all added to the Independent Tournament!
  15. Hm. How about the Briscoe Bros, Ricochet, ReDRagon and Joey Ryan?
  16. I'll add Joey Ryan, Ricochet and ReDRagon, but the Briscoes? Nah. Thanks for entering, @Leo C!
  17. [​IMG]
    *The Following Article is exclusive to WWE.com, WWE Network, the WWE App and has already been confirmed on many dirtsheets around the globe.*

    Today, Michael Crowley, the Commissioner of NXT, sat beside the Owner of WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and The Head of Talent Development, Paul Levesque, at the WWE Headquarters at Stamford, Connecticut, where he announced the newest member of the WWE: NXT Roster. Crowley revealed his newest acquisition as Austin Jenkins, one of the hottest free agents on the Independent Circuit today, where he competed under the name Adam Cole. He wriggled his way out of many questions asked by the press, and said that all their questions would be answered by this video.

    Crowley said that Jenkins' ring name has yet to be decided, but he will debut at NXT: Ryse. Vince said that having Austin on the WWE Roster further helps the talent that Michael Crowley is in charge of, and he hopes that Jenkins can help other superstars as well as learn himself. Levesque answered many questions, but the most important one was that he said he was in charge of Jenkins' storylines. He would pitch in to help here and there, but mostly he would work from behind the scenes.

    Everyone at World Wrestling Entertainment and NXT would like to welcome Austin to the roster.
  18. Adam Cole baybay woohoo
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