NXT Members getting called up after WM31?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 22, 2015.

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  1. So it's been reported several times that the WWE is looking to call up the likes of Adrien Neville, Sami Zayn and Charlotte soon.. a lot of people are speculating that it will come after WM31 during the "slower" season of WWE action.. I can see all three going up if I'm being honest, but after reading an article it got me thinking.. Are they really the only 3 that are going to be called up? I would like to believe that with Finn's experience and more importantly his age being 33 that they would like to capitalize on all the time they can with him, thus I imagine he will be a 4th member of NXT to get called up.

    There's a few other pieces of talent that are being looked at to get called up but I don't think NXT has the back-up on their roster to officially let go most of their top notch superstars to the main stage.. Tyler Breeze is one example of this.. A lot of people thing Breeze is ready for the big leagues and personally I'm one of them, however with all the other call-ups I just don't see them bringing up all of these guys at the same time and basically leaving NXT with bits and pieces..

    Do you think the reports of the 3 being mentioned at the beginning are accurate and the 3 of them will be doing RAW shows on a weekly basis starting right after or shortly after Wrestlemania 31? Do you think there's more people getting called up a short period after WM31 as well? Which of the current NXT members that are experienced and most likely ready for the big stage would you see called up after WM31?


    The Article I based this thread off of:

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  2. We want Kevin Owens though :okay:
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  3. I'd like Kevin Owens up there, I think he will be by the end of the year.. They definitely need him down in NXT for the time being though if the 3 of these and possibly even Finn get called up.
  4. I'm really hoping that 'getting called up' doesn't equal 'getting ruined' this time around.
    I'd absolutely hate it to see guys like Zayn, Balor, Owens, Neville and Breeze getting ruined once they get to the main roster.

  5. I imagine that 50% of the wrestlers that get called up this time around will be ruined, 35% of them will be successful and 15% of them will be right on the fence but not going any clear way.
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  6. That's the beauty of the main roster, eh? :okay:
  7. The roster is just very overloaded, they need to shave some people off of it or send a few of them to NXT to help out the developmental promotion stay afloat with all their top notch superstars since they rebranded from FCW gone..
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  8. I'd be down if they cut some of the guys off. The likes of Show, Kane, Otunga and Henry (Henry can still be a great heel, but WWE just does nothing relevant with him), just to name a few.
  9. Well that's the thing, other than Show and Kane those other two haven't really done much and aren't taking time out of the show (at least for the moment).. I mean I'm thinking like Los Matadores, Adam Rose, Fandango (personal distaste for this man) and Rosa Mendes are 5 people I'd like to see off the main shows.
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  10. Definitely Neville and Zayn will get called up soon, they've been there for quite a while and are as good as they're gonna be. Finn I also think is going up this year because of his age, maybe not right after WM though. Charlotte, well, there's always room in the divas division lol. I'd let Owens down there a while longer, not because he needs to improve but he's been there two months or so, let's have some more fun with this.
  11. I can totally see Neville and Charlotte, but it kinda sucks that there's 2 midcard titles and both are kinda the same thing. I'd welcome an X-Division title for guys like Neville, possibly having an Aries-like cash in opportunity. I'm not sure about Zayn right now, kinda seems as if he will feud with Owens for a while. Balor getting called up would be fantastic. I can see Owens staying for a year, Itami will do with a year or two while he transitions into WWE and Banks probably towards the end of the year or after WM32.
  12. He (Zayn) could be called up and still appear on NXT for a while. It has happened quite often.
  13. Oh right yeah, that's possible. I wonder what his first feud will be though. Rose got Swagger straight away, even if it lead to nothing. I hope Zayn can get a tough heel, heck. I can see him one day getting rekt by Rusev, almost KO style.
  14. Could be Harper. That'd be fun (had to look up the roster page because no midcard heels came to mind lol).
  15. Keep the NXT talent on NXT until the main roster creative team can learn how to handle the transition and debuts. They've done a pretty crappy job with a lot of the NXT talent debuts thus far.
  16. True, true. That would be quite fun.

    This. They seem to give them a few wins on RAW either against enhancement talent so we don't give a shit (while commentators bury them) or against an established heel but waste their winning streak. I mean, for guys like Bo Dallas, having the winning streak is awesome and makes sense to have a big face break it on PPV and then have Bo heel it up - but they gave it away to R-Truth on what I believe was Smackdown. Makes little to no sense, in my opinion. Plus, some guys don't need winning streaks for their first few months unless they're the big monster heel, like what happened to "oh shit the competition here is a big step up, i'm getting mixed results!" and cut promos on how awesome it is to be on the main roster.
  17. Out of all of them I belive that Neville will definitlely get called up to the main roster after Wrestlemania. I don't think that there is anything left for him in NXT, even though I wouldn't mind him staying and having some more epic matches.
  18. I hope that Kevin Owens will be here soon .
  19. I'd expect KO to stick in NXT for the next 6 months at least. Zayn, Neville, Kalisto and Dempsey are going to debut on the main roster before him.
  20. Honestly I hope he debuts then fails horribly, not a fan of Bull by any means.. I see Kevin Owens coming up near the end of this year, he should have a pretty dominant run in the NXT though.
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