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  1. Just a quick thread to #humblebrag about NXT Portland and discuss NXT live experiences. We had such a great time at that show. NXT does not disappoint. I've seen Ric Flair, HBK, Hogan, Taker, Austin, Rock... everyone. Nakamura's aura is absolutely on par with all of those guys. We lost our MINDS (and voices) cheering for him. His entrance is a religious experience lol.

    American Alpha and Revival put on a clinic. It wasn't similar at all to any match they've put on TV other than it being EXCELLENT and full of nearfalls.

    Anyway, have you guys seen NXT Live?
  2. Last time i went to NXT i didn't care for it much, mainly because i had no idea who anybody was on the show except Austin Aries.. Still great matches, but everyone was pretty much unknown to me.. NXT is not a show i normally watch, i just decided to go because they were performing 5 minutes from my house.
  3. I haven't seen NXT live, but would love to!
  4. Nakamura is one dude I wouldn't mind seeing live.
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  5. Worth every penny. It was just him vs Drifter, but it didn't matter. It's Nakamura. He doesn't phone a damn thing in. When he FIRES UP for the Kinshasa, wow. Super intense.

    I wanted to give some love to Bayley and Nia Jax. They put on a killer match. Nia is better and better at working the monster style, and Bayley is the consummate underdog as always. My favorite spot was when Bayley cinched in the guillotine choke, and Nia attempts to power out of it with the hanging vertical suplex. She hung Bayley up there in the air for a good 5 seconds before Bayley dropped back down into a deeper choke hold.

    I can confirm that yes, my entire family wore Bayley bands.

    Bayley Club 4 Life.

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