NXT PPV Matches Idea

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DK James, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Bored so here's a random thread. Came across this idea, and thought it was pretty cool. I thought it'd be pretty sweet if at every PPV, NXT got a match as the opening match or mid-card, whatever. With whoever a couple of the top guys are in NXT, it'd get more people to try and watch, and give the WWE guys a chance to see who the crowd gets behind and all that. Could carry some storylines over, maybe even in NXT have some guys actually fight to see who gets that PPV spot. Would be pretty cool imo, thoughts?
  2. They should just give NXT the Pre-Show. I think the only reason NXT isn't like featured on the Pre-Show or highlights from NXT are on Raw is because maybe they want to bring up people with different gimmicks and it would be weird to see.
  3. Yea, forgot about the pre-show. That'd be a good spot for it too, it'd still be nice for them to test out some gimmicks and see how they work.
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