NXT purge coming soon

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. Some jobber asses are gonna be grasses.
  2. Put up or shut up time boys
  3. Mickey Keegan has already been removed from the roster page. Apparently he has suffered a neck injury and won't be wrestling anymore. He is still hired though but working as a creative assistant.

    Richie Steamboat has also been released according to Chris Hero's shoot.
  4. Steamboat? Ricky's son I take it?
  5. Yup. He was a fairly big part of FCW and early NXT but a pretty serious back injury took him out back in I don't remember territory. He might never wrestle again.
  6. I had wondered what happened to Richie, I liked his work with Sandow down in FCW. It's a shame that happened.
  7. That fucking sucks for Steamboat. I looked forward to seeing him in the main roster.

    And time for JTG to survive again.
  8. https://twitter.com/EmployedJTG
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  9. I actually was looking forward to Richie being brought up but now that he is gone this sucks dick. His feud with Maddox was fun along with the little thing he had going at the beginning of NXT.
  10. It's weird, because I swear I saw Richie advertised for some random indy event not long ago on Twitter, but according to his Twitter, he was still employed with WWE. Was really confused then.

    But yeah, sucky for him, he was aight.
  11. I hope Steamboat can wrestle again. I felt like he could have become the most marketable babyface of all time.
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