NXT - Regal VS Cesaro

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Action Jackson, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Does anyone have a link for this match? I'm dying to see it.
  2. Stephanie would get it.
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  3. This match is incredible, but I had to point out that MOTHERFUCKIN' DROPKICK of Cesaro. Holy shit.
  4. [​IMG]

    William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro was a fucking master piece to see this week on NXT.If you don't like that match that was displayed between the two, get outta the business of watching the Art of Wrestling period.
  5. Well worth being the only full match on the show.
  6. FATALITY!!!!
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  7. Currently watching.
  8. This match reminded me why Regal and Cesaro are my two favorite wrestlers. Fantastic match. Cesaro working on Regal's leg and Regal working on Cesaro's biceps was superb, nifty mat work, great psychology and intensity. Cesaro showing Regal respect post-match was good too, possibly signalling a face turn coming soon as he was also reluctant to hit Regal with the Neutralizer. Watch it, now.
  9. That match was awesome. The psychology and mat work were outstanding, plus that finish. Great stuff.
  10. Very good match indeed.
  11. 10/10, great match, Regal is still the man!
  12. I really want Cesaro to become a face so he can get more cool spots in. The swing seems out of place being done by a heel

    maybe he can start airplane spinning people again
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  13. I think he's destined to become a face. He's getting face reactions, and now they're baiting the audience to say "WE THE PEOPLE!" during the entrance. Swagger is going nowhere, if anyone's turning face it's Cesaro.
  14. Oh and is it me or did Regal not look nearly as fat as he did against Hero a few months back?
  15. He does look like he lost weight, a bit flabby from excess skin, but thinner.
  16. Personally I thought there can't be anyone worse than Taz/Tenay combo, but these two jaggoff scrubs here fucking did it. They are worse than Taz/Tenay, good job idiots.

    As far as this match goes, it was very good. I believe people are overreacting when calling this match a MOTYC or MOTY, it's ridicilous. Tone down the fapping.
  17. what didn't you like about the commentary? besides Tensai's terrible metaphors
  18. I don't recall people calling it MOTY in this thread
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