Spoiler NXT Results For February & March

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  2. Im interested in seeing the Neville vs Owens non-title match, that sounds like it should be pretty entertaining.
  3. Agreed. Also looking forward to seeing the debut of Crowe next week, as well as The Brian Kendrick vs Finn Balor.

    I mean, all these episodes seem quite good.
  4. Yeah, NXT has been putting in good effort over the past several months, essentially since their first special on the WWEN.
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  5. Since NXT is mainly the only WWE programming I watch anymore, I'm really excited to see the matches unfold and witness what will happen next.
  6. Zayn to the main roster.
  7. Rhino is back.... Well that's random
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  8. Yeah I had no idea he was coming back lol. Not sure in what capacity, maybe a couple of matches before becoming a trainer? does he have that many matches left in him, he was alright in TNA with the whole Dixie Carter bodyguard gimmick but not sure how he'll handle the WWE schedule.

    That said, I've never watched Riley wrestle (was during the period i didn't watch the product) so gonna be interesting. But the Balor matches and diva matches are the ones i'll be looking forward to. Although I'd be lying if i said i wouldn't watch any of these matches :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Neville vs Owens sounds like it was awesome, pumped about that as well.
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