NXT shits the bed. Repackages Kruger

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. Say hello to Adam Rose



    Fuck having a working, fun and interesting gimmick which was over. Get generic.
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  2. awww... what? Is he a face now?
  3. Wait, who is this guy, I mean from the indy scene?
  4. He's from South Africa. He's been signed since like 2010 or something. He worked a very cool deranged mercenary/big game hunter gimmick (if you know Spider-man, think Kraven the hunter), then just showed up as that generic piece of shit at a house show. Maybe they're just trying things out but its a shame since the hunter gimmick was over as Fuck.
  5. No... tada! Then...
  6. What in the hell am I looking at? Why repackage him?
  7. This sounds... stupid? I really liked his current gimmick with the KRUUUGER and that thing he did on his entrance too, it seemed to be over.
  8. Yeah that's pretty stupid
  9. I always laugh when people talk about how over someone is at the NXT arena. As if that holds much water at all
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  10. I liked what little I saw of Kruger. Maybe there just testing if he can work as a face.
  11. Man,I hope they were just testing the waters with this. I really enjoyed his deranged African poacher gimmick and he had adapted to it so well.
  12. He has been polishing up his original gimmick for so long in NXT, it makes sense that WWE would change it right before they call him up, make him a smiley babyface, then cut him when it doesn't work out 'for some reason'
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  13. Just wondering, if they're redoing a gimmick that was finally starting to catch on, where's the repackaging for the characters that don't work *coughcoughcjparker*?
  14. < everytime I think of Kruger, I think of this being his face gimmick.
  15. Kruger's a talented dude, he'll make it work hopefully.
  16. So what's happened with this? Is he working it on NXT currently, or just their house shows? Haven't watched it in quite awhile sadly.

    Kruger was/is a hell fun gimmick played by an insanely talented guy, hope they don't drop it. So much potential in it.
  17. ......... I liked Kruger but isn't he like 34 now? Have fun making a name for yourself now...
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Adam Rose lol, repackage Kruger the hunter into a rockstar interesting..
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