NXT, SmackDown, or Raw.

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  1. There are three brands in WWE, NXT, SmackDown, Raw. Which do you think is better? Personally, I think Raw is better. They have longer matches and better stories.
  2. You cant really compare the three.

    Raw is the number 1 flagship show, the one which has the highest ratings, the biggest stars, the most media coverage. Live audience.

    Smackdown The number 2 show, Taped TV show, small live audience, Some stars but roster lacks depth.

    NXT is the developmental territory which actually puts on some better matches than both list above. But this is a place for rookies and new signings to train and learn the ropes, so to speak.
  3. Can I go with iMPACT!?
  4. RAW because that's where ground-breaking mark-worthy stuff happens, but as a whole show? NXT.

    I'd rather watch Randy Savage's backyard promotion than SmackDown.
  5. :stfu:
  6. NXT is miles ahead of both RAW and Smackdown when it comes to a show as a whole.
  7. The only thing wrong with NXT is the time length.
  8. It works well for a show with only one title and focus on younger talent. There is no real need for a second hour
  9. Hey, I just thought of something. WWE made NXT to replace ECW. No offense to either brand.
  10. Yeah, it was sort of explicit when they stopped broadcasting ECW and started NXT on the same channel.
  11. Considering ECW was the best brand WWE had. That's where all the hardcore stuff happened. Let us not forget some of the best superstars were on there like Tommy Dreamer and Sabu.
  12. Not in its late years. It was a show with a few "has beens" and a few new stars, that's it.
  13. Yeah, classic ECW, I loved watching that with my dad.
  14. The ECW that ran on Syfy was not ECW. It was WWE's knockoff/homage which started out good but quickly became tripe.
  16. :gtfo:
    This is not even the right forum for TNA.
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