(NXT Spoiler) A new tag team?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. So, due to a combination of spoilers and pure boredom, I watched NXT this week... and it was actually a pretty good show. There were several good matches this week, but lets focus on the 427th time Tyson Kidd faced Trent Baretta...

    Over the past few weeks Tyson's played the babyface role; running down the ramp; slapping the hands of the fans; doing more high-spots; canned pop over your speakers; etc. This time it was no different, the match was really good (as always), Tyson went over (as always), but there was a handshake after the match. Tyson found Trent backstage after the commercial and asked if they wanted to form a tag-team, and Trent asked if he was serious. He'll make his decision next week, but if they weren't going to team up they wouldn't bring it up.

    In the main event, The Usos did a job to Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins. That takes the only face tag team in the WWE right now WAY out of contention for the tag titles, so the future is bright for these guys to not only help out the dead tag division but get themselves on TV.
  2. Good stuff, that's some combination. Also Reks and Hawkins should turn face, move to RAW permanently and given mic time/backstage segments, they're funny guys.
  3. Sounds good the tag division needs life so much! Hope ur rite tbh!
  4. Kidd mentioned in a tweet, he actually wants to be in the tag division. I think he's built for it
  5. Could really help his carreer if he was paired with someone with charisma like Barrett, he needs mic time though.
  6. This. He essential needs the Neidhart to his Bret.
  7. Ain't that the truth. Kiddaretta is some combination, they would be a good replacement for Air Boom and give Raw a desperately-needed injection of cruiserweight action. But a few things scare me.

    -It was a good match, but loaded with over-selling. That's what they've been trained to do, sell like jobbers :angry:.

    -Santino's on Smackdown searching for a tag-team partner... Why do I get the feeling we'll get another tag title run for Santino and some crappy big guy? (Khali... Mason Ryan... Please be Brodus Clay)

    -Trent did a beautiful flipping legdrop off the barricade, but he hit his head on the floor almost as hard as Truth did on Monday. The kid can't keep doing that.
  8. What is a tag team?
  9. What's a tag team?

    Chris Jericho beats HHH for the WWF...errr....WWE title?


    I'm sure all Ziggler fans love this

  10. The pop Jericho got was epic there.

    [video=youtube]http://[/video] < That's how you embed videos btw. :smile:
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