NXT stars in the crowd at RAW event

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Will we get a debut angle via a crowd beat down? Imagine Ohno in the crowd getting in an argument with a face and then hitting him with the elbow.

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  2. Ohno on the main roster would be great. I think once people who didn't watch his indy stuff or NXT will be pleasantly surprised. He can feud with anyone on the main roster and hang with them on the mic, or in the ring.
  3. I would love to see him do it on the 20th anniversary show, striking some returning former star/legend. Imagine Ohno taking out Shamrock.
  4. I'd love for him to verbally spar with Jericho :fap:
  5. Good for them, I guess. A debut would be interesting.
  6. bring anyone but bo dallas
  7. The only person I want to see debut tonight on Raw is Paige
  8. WOW I'm certainly interested, could this be another NXT invasion Storyline?

    I hope they don't ruin the shield with this though.
  9. Ohno debuting as a crazy "fan" would be dope.
  10. Re: RE: NXT stars in the crowd at RAW event

    Where does Gary Neville fit in though? Does he analyze his actions?
  11. No idea what you're going on about, but anything with Neville = win.

    Oh wait, wasn't there a star called Neville or something? Can't remember.
  12. Re: RE: NXT stars in the crowd at RAW event

    Read the report...
  13. British high flyer and recent WWE signing PAC works for NXT under the name Adrian Neville. He has been accompanying Ohno out in the crowd during these sit outs. His name is a tribute to Gary Neville.
  14. Yeah I remember now. Neville - already a boss.
  15. Not to mention he flies like he was born to do it.

    He's the long haired rascal.
  16. Cool, so we might be seeing some debuts tonight.. :obama:
  17. This sounds interesting. You know how the majority of the people are quick to make accusations such as, "they're Nexus rip-off's", I'm one of them. If they do, do something as such, I hope they don't ruin it like they ruined Nexus.
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