NXT Superstar in the Royal Rumble

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  1. Awesome idea...Discuss.
  2. Can I just say that brief promo by Leo Kruger was insane. How epic would it be if they were given the greatest push of all time, won the rumble and actually won the title at WrestleMania... wow.
  3. Yes! How are they going to determine this?
  4. Looking forward to it, but when does it take place?
  5. Love it. But why was this not part of the NXT show? This would have been great TV.
  6. nxt is for new ahletes and they need more experienes
  7. A lot of talent on NXt have been wrestling for 5 to ten years. Just because it is developmental doesn't mean they are all inexperienced. The guy who called himself "the man that gravity forgot" has been wrestling in front of crowds of 20 000 people in Japan for the last five years or so for example. Seth and Dean from the Shield have been wrestling for nearly ten years.
  8. still it doesnt mean in usa
  9. I'm with Stopspot here. There are guys who are in development simply because they don't have anything for them in the roster yet, or just for "seasoning", even though they've been wrestling for over 5 years. Showing up at the Rumble wouldn't hurt at all.
  10. All of those guys could do well in the rumble. But O'Brien, Neville, Graves and Kruger could do the best I think. Grey and Dallas needs more seasoning and Woods needs to build some on screen momentum.
  11. That Luke Harper guy looks promising.
  12. Harper needs some more seasoning in my opinion. Plus he has a nice thing going being part of Bray Wyatt (formerly known as Husky Harris) psycho redneck stable on NXT. Out of the guys in the video Kruger and O'Brien are the most main roster ready. Neville could out wrestle most guys and flies like nobody else but could use some more time in NXT just to learn to talk.
  13. Not a fan of Corey, not a fan of Oliver, Luke Harper is horrendous, Xavier is sweet, Connor OBrian is so awesome, Neville is incredible but he can't speak, Fuck off Bo Dallas, no idea what I think of Cruger.
  14. Fuck all of those the only person who should be debuting at Royal Rumble is Paige
  15. Fuck Paige, I would. #Yodaism
  16. Yeah, Harper is pretty badass.

    Also, I know O'Brien is part of the uppercard NXT, but what is his gimmick anyway?

    And Kruger is also pretty badass. That accent would be a nice thing to hear on RAW.
  17. Vampire/demon thing or something. Supernatural it seems.
  18. Match 1 just ended, Adrian Neville over Corey Graves.

  19. Dallas and Kruger won their matches as well and qualify for the battle royale later.
  20. Also: Steen made a promise if Neville would get in the rumble.


    Do it Kevin, do it.

    @Rain @seabs I think you would find this funny.
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