NXT Superstar To Debut After Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Great news..Bryan might show him how to take care of a beard.

    What about Kruger or Paige?
  3. Source? I've seen this on multiple forums but neither has been able to produce a source on this.
  4. Well, that can only be a good thing if they have something good saved up for him. Also hope they give him a good character he can work with, not his first NXT stuff.
  5. The sooner the better, can't wait.
  6. He's looking interested during this feud with Regal so aslong as he builds on that I don't have an issue.
  7. Cautiously optimistic.
  8. :yay: Hoping it's true.
    Although I hope he'll go to the main roster and not the main roaster, as that just doesn't sound pleasant.

    Either way..... Ohno! :win:
    Will just cross my fingers and wait. Maybe with more NXT talent being called up lately it's an indication that it could be his time, as well.
  9. My kinda guy
  10. Kassius should debut with Bryan.
  11. Great. Lets hope he gets the same type of push as The Shield and actually wins matches. This has been a long time in the making, don't F it up WWE! :yay:
  12. Again, guys are held back to let someone pass through..
  13. I'm all for new talent if it's utilized correctly. I haven't watched him on NXT but I'm interested in what he's capable of.
  14. dat hair and beard :gusta:
  15. I miss seeing wrasslers with long hair.
  16. Awesome..
    A feud with Jericho or DB would be amazing, there is also the possibility of him joining the shield "(highly unlikely).
    I hope they don't drop the ball with him, .
  17. I swore I gave that guy a quarter to day. Anyway, from what spot showed me, this guy is pretty awesome in the ring. His style is going to be something that WWE currently lacks and I'm sure he'll have great matches with some of the underutilized talent, also think he'll be coming in heel.
  18. If Ohno comes in the same kind of heel he was on NXT I'll be a little disappointed. Ohno/Hero is the best kind of heel when he is the kind that cheats and is cocky, not vicious and cruel. But he absolutely works the best as a babyface.
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