NXT Takeover 2 2014 live discussion

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Thursday Night, September 11th, at 8/7c on the WWENetwork
    United Kingdom: Friday Morning, September 12th, at 1AM on SkySportsHD2

    Full Sail University
    Winter Park, FL

    Match Card:
    Singles Match:

    Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey
    The budding rivalry between Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey will reach its boiling point at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, when the two powerhouses meet inside the squared circle for the first time.

    The energetic Rawley and the double-tough Dempsey started out as the unlikeliest of partners, hoping to force their way through the No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament and into an opportunity at the NXT Tag Team Championship. Though they didn’t seem to be on the same page, Mojo & Bull still picked up a big win over Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder in their first match as a team prior to the tournament.

    However, the new pairing’s fortunes changed two weeks later in the first round of the tournament, where they faced The Vaudevillains. While they had a distinct size advantage over Simon Gotch & Aiden English, Rawley & Dempsey each tagged themselves into the match unexpectedly. Their lack of teamwork cost them the match, as The Vaudevillains advanced.

    After the loss, a frustrated Dempsey assaulted Mojo, pummeling him into the mat and flattening him with the Bulldozer. Rawley returned to action one week later and called out Dempsey. The rough-and-tumble New Yorker accepted Mojo’s challenge, warning NXT’s most hyped Superstar that facing him won’t be a game.

    Will hype be enough to lead Mojo Rawley to victory, or will the wrecking ball named Bull Dempsey devastate Mojo on his path of destruction?

    Hair vs. Hair match:
    Enzo Amore vs. Sylvester Lefort
    There’s more than pride on the line when Enzo Amore takes on Sylvester Lefort at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way. In this Hair vs. Hair Match, the winner will walk out with their locks intact, while the loser will be shaved bald in front of the NXT Universe and a global audience watching live on WWE Network.

    The rivalry between Amore and Lefort goes back to when Enzo was out injured, recovering from a broken leg. Lefort and his fellow Legionnaire, Marcus Louis, set their sights on Amore’s best friend and tag team partner, Colin Cassady. Though Big Cass held his own against the Frenchmen in singles competition, the numbers game was in The Legionnaires’ favor until Enzo returned.

    Though they have yet to cross paths with Enzo & Cassady in tag team action, The Legionnaires have gotten inside the heads of the popular pair, costing them a bout with The Vaudevillains several weeks ago. The rivalry reached a new level on Aug. 21, when Lefort & Louis snuck up on Amore and shaved off part of his beard. It didn’t take long for Enzo to respond to the sneak attack, issuing a challenge for their hair-clipping showdown the same night.

    Watch: Enzo gets shaved | Facebook video: Amore's secret weapon for Takeover

    One week later, Louis accepted the challenge on behalf of his partner, much to Lefort’s surprise, setting the stage for TakeOver. Who will be leaving Full Sail University with no hair?

    Kenta debuts!:
    Kenta vs. TBA

    Singles match for the Women's Championship:
    Charlotte(c) vs. Bayley
    From WWE superfan to No. 1 Contender, Bayley is ready to prove she’s more than just a hug-loving, friendly face in the NXT Divas division. She will challenge the no-nonsense former BFF Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver on Sept. 11.

    Bayley earned one of her biggest victories to date on the Aug. 7 edition of NXT over WWE Diva Eva Marie. After hitting the Belly-to-Bayley Suplex and pinning the “Total Diva,” Bayley said she’s climbing her way to the top of the NXT Divas division. (After all, Bayley has pinned Charlotte in NXT Divas tag team action.) Her victory over Eva Marie didn’t go unnoticed by Charlotte, who wasted no time intimidating Bayley, boldly demanding that her name is never to come out of Bayley’s mouth.

    Watch Charlotte intimidate Bayley | Check out Charlotte's summer vacation photos

    The following week on NXT, Bayley won a No. 1 Contender’s Match, defeating Charlotte’s former BFF Sasha Banks with the Belly-to-Bayley Suplex. Charlotte resorted to her intimidation tactics again, proudly holding up the NXT Women’s Title, sending a clear message to Bayley that she’s not backing down from her TakeOver challenge. Then on the Aug. 28 edition of NXT, after Bayley defeated Sasha for a second time, Charlotte got in the ring and refused to shake her TakeOver challenger's hand, stating: "I warned you!"

    Watch WWE NXT on WWE Network

    Charlotte has dominated the NXT Women’s division since her groundbreaking win over former WWE Divas Champion Natalya at NXT TakeOver this past May. The daughter of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair has carved her own path, having broken free from her former BFFs Sasha and Summer Rae. Charlotte even allowed “The Boss” Sasha to be attacked by Bayley, and successfully defended her NXT Women’s Title against Summer when the dancing Diva returned to NXT.

    Will Charlotte sustain her rule over the NXT Divas division and make Bayley “Bow Down to the Queen” at NXT TakeOver? Or will the headband-wearing, pogo-sticking California girl lead the NXT Divas into a more lighthearted era?

    Tag Team match for the Tag Team Championships:
    The Ascension(c) vs. Sin Cara & Kalisto
    At NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, Konnor & Viktor of The Ascension will face their toughest challenge to date when they take on the explosive tandem of Kalisto & Sin Cara with their NXT Tag Team Championships on the line!

    The Ascension has run rampant through the NXT Tag Team division as champions for nearly a year now, demolishing all foes placed in front of them. However, the team of Kalisto & Sin Cara made it through a grueling tournament, defeating formidable opponents such as Sami Zayn & Adam Rose and The Vaudevillains to earn this opportunity and now seem primed to finally be the ones to potentially dethrone the champions!

    Kalisto also has revenge on his mind after he and former partner El Local failed to defeat The Ascension for the gold at the inaugural NXT TakeOver event several months ago. However, now with the veteran Sin Cara by his side, he gets a chance to right a former wrong.

    Will the aerial attack of Kalisto & Sin Cara be too much for The Ascension to contain or will Konnor & Viktor display their dominance yet again by swatting the high flyers down to the mat?

    Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Championship:
    Adrian Neville(c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze
    When the bell rings at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, NXT Champion Adrian Neville will be taking the biggest gamble of his career. He will face not one, not two, but three challengers and won’t even have to submit or be pinned to lose his title on Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET, LIVE on WWE Network!

    Watch Tyson Kidd ruin Adrian Neville vs. Tyler Breeze | WWE NXT's 10 Best Matches

    Tyson Kidd has been on a quest to reinvigorate his career since arriving in NXT, claiming the NXT Title being his primary goal toward doing so. Tyler Breeze wants to make the brand “gorgeous,” which he only sees being accomplished by having NXT’s top prize around his picture-perfect waist. Sami Zayn sees the NXT Title as a way of validating the praise he has garnered since his debut of being one of NXT’s premier Superstars.

    All three men have a history with the NXT Champion. Kidd has been a constant thorn in Neville’s side, despite having been bested by The Man That Gravity forgot for the title twice already. After becoming No. 1 Contender, Breeze taunted Neville for weeks about when he would make good on his opportunity, only to see it ruined by the aforementioned thorn himself.

    And while Zayn and Neville are good friends, it’s clear that won’t be the case the second they enter those ropes. Like Neville, Zayn also has his own axe to grind with both Kidd and Breeze; and he’d love nothing more than to dash their ambitions as a bonus to victory.

    Watch WWE NXT on WWE Network

    Can Neville defy the odds? Will Kidd achieve his goal, questionable methods and all? Is it time to crown Prince Pretty? Does Zayn have it in him to finally prove his doubters wrong and supporters right? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, LIVE on WWE Network Thursday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET!​
  2. NXT wrestling best wrestling. Pumped for this. Hopefully they don't shave French Stallion though.
  3. This show should be pretty entertaining, really excited to see how the tag title match plays out.. I'm thinking Sin Cara and Kalisto will take the reign over and then the rematch happens on next NXT episode and Cara/Kalisto retain again after another good match.. then at NoC Uso's retain and the next night on RAW an open challenge gets issued and boom queue the Ascension to win the titles immediately.
  4. This show ought to be good, it's not gonna disappoint, I am sure! So amped up for this, cannot wait!
  5. Looks like Ric Flair will be welcoming KENTA on the special show this Thursday.. still nothing on who he'll face but I have to imagine it's going to be someone like Kofi Kingston or CJ Parker so they can debut him strong.. I don't believe it will be Steen or Devitt since KENTA signed a bit longer before them but maybe they will at least make a brief appearance on the show in the form of a promo or just chilling with the audience, we'll see.
  6. Fuck, expect a (hopefully backstage) moment between Flair and his daughter then. It should be Hogan who welcomes Kenta.
  8. Bayley's Gonna Hug You!
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  9. Definitely going to be up for this! If someone find's a link could you PM it to me? would appreciate it :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. *We're taking over, kids!* - This could easily be the new Authority in the future.

    I wish there was a 'love' option beside the 'like' option, dayumn!
  11. more like the new Kliq :emoji_wink:
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  12. I'm sure HHH stays up late to watch NJPW live when it airs. Total mark.
    As for staying up late, I'll do so tonight to watch this because NXT is NXT.
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  13. Yeah, man.. That's what I meant. I'd be up for that all the way.
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  14. They're pretty much the same, just with varying degrees of kayfabe, right? :otunga:

    Looks like the "worst card" of all the NXT specials this year... which is like being the ugliest supermodel. Either way the card is loaded with variety and NXT always delivers, so we all are going to love this show tonight. Y'all have fun, go Ravens.
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  15. Kenta looks misplaced.

    All these rad kids...and Kenta the lame school boy.
  16. yay nxt
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  17. lesssss go
  18. Already starting off strong
  19. Alright, let's see how this opener goes.
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