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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roadster, Aug 2, 2014.

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  1. What'd you guys think? Predictions, opinions ETC.
  2. What a creative name
  3. I'm sure it will be fine and up to standard.
  4. Not a great name, but it'll be great because NXT.
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  5. On the card:
    Adrian NEville (c) vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze vs Sami Zayn for the NXT title
    Charlotte (c) vs Bayley for the Women's title
    Kalisto and Sin Cara vs The Ascension (c) for the tag team titles
    Enzo and Cass vs The Legionnaires in a hair vs hair match.
  6. Spoilers?

    Fuck Zayn not being called-up. He just turned 30. Are they scared that NXT will suck without him? Or does Hunter just not like him?
  7. Hunter loves the cat. They just don't call up someone without a plan for him.
  8. Everyone this year seems to have been called-up without a plan lol.

    Saw a rumour that they were gonna do a Shield 2.0 with Zayn, Devitt, KENTA, Steen. But I'd prefer Zayn to debut alone on the main-roster.
  9. Where did you see that rumor? None of the legit dirtsheets has reported it. Seems like a fanboy dream if anything.
  10. It was when Devitt signed, he and Zayn were tweeting each other stuff like 'let's take over', suggesting they were waiting for possible partners (eg Devitt, Steen, etc) to sign before calling-up Zayn, and debuting them as a stable on the main roster. Probably won't happen, but they could use a new stable in WWE.
  11. That's not what that implied at all. At least not what I took from it.

    Was pretty clear to me that they implied taking over the business. As in becoming part of the next group of top guys in WWE. Which they already are hyped as by the internet. And with both men being endorsed by Triple H one would assume that is also the standing backstage. That both will play decent parts in the company going forward once on the main roster.
  12. Well you could interpret it differently. As I said, it was just a rumour.
  13. WWE already supports ROH. So they could just name the stable ROH. It would be funny.
  14. Nothing but good things will happen
  15. NXT is likely WWE's best product right now. I'm still trying to catch up on NXT (still working my way through May episodes), but I'm looking forward to NXT Takeover 2!
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  16. So true, I find myself far more interested in then NXT roster.
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  17. NXT is legit my fave hour of WWE programming each week.
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  18. All true stuff.
    We may as well get the public accustomed to how things will start rolling when Paul takes over.
    Once this happens, RAW will go back to 2 hours and Paul might even get rid of Smack down .
    Since Rock may hang up the boots, what better way to fart in Dwayne's face?
    I know HHH is jelly of Rock. Why not axe the show named in Rock's honor?

    Besides, for the record, not enough cared goes to Paul for his feuds during the Rock saga
  19. Paul... As in Paul Heyman?
  20. Triple H.
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