NXT TakeOver: Dallas [Live Discussion]

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    Date: April 1st, 2016
    Location: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
    Dallas, Texas
    Start time: 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT

    Finn Bálor vs. Samoa Joe
    (NXT Championship Match)


    Bayley vs. Asuka
    (NXT Women's Championship Match)


    Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    The Revival vs. American Alpha
    (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)


    Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin


    Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson

  2. I'll update the OP and add a pic for a Crews vs Samson match once WWE posts it on their website.
  3. Oh, this is cool. Found it on Tumblr:

    Hyped for TakeOver: Dallas. It's only a week away! :yay:
  4. Will you be doing predictions contest for this one, @Solidus ?
  5. From a booking perspective. This is the laziest Takeover yet. As little effort as possible seems to have been put into this show in favor of just doing the "dream card"
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  6. Yeah... especially the non existent builds towards Finn/Joe and mechanics/AA. Plus that Asuka/Emma match was pretty lame as a way to build Asuka as well.
  7. AA/Revival match has had minimal build, I agree, but they've been building Joe/Balor for months. And I'm invested in Aries/Corbin.

    Can't say I care for Auska/Bayley, don't think there was any way to build it to where I care, though. Asuka as a challenger just doesn't do anything for me, but I said the same about Nia.

    Nak is going to send Sami packing to the main roster, will definitely be bittersweet.

    And well Apollo/Elias will probably be a cool down after Nak/Sami. Either that or after the AA win the titles, don't see it serving any other purpose.
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    I'm hyped for the event, despite some of the matches not having proper builds. The show will deliver for sure.

    Also, that Aries/Corbin segment which lasted about 2-3 minutes did more to build a feud than anything else on the card has done so far.

    Now... I'm wondering if they'll debut Bálor Club at TO: Dallas? The odds of that happening aren't HUGE, but there are a couple of scenarios in my book that could wind up happening:

    1: Bálor retains clean as a sheet and sends Joe packing to the main roster.

    2: Joe wins clean and sends Bálor packing to the main roster... Where Bálor Club debuts.

    3: Bálor retains via Bálor Club interference (who had previously attacked American Alpha after capturing the gold, it all depends on what their plan for BC is). They beat the hell out of Samoa Joe and run roughshood in NXT for a while before they're eventually called up.
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  9. Not for this one, I'll keep track of NXT ppv's from here and do them going forward.
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  10. Hey Prince Balor, let's bet on this. Make me doubly happy when your boy is laying motionless face down in a pool of his own blood, urine, and vomit. Joe is gonna kill you.
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  11. I've got nothing against that outcome. But, is there any way they can mess it up?

    I mean, there are two obvious scenarios that will be a-okay in my book if they wind up happening: either Bálor or Joe winning clean.

    And there's another one as I've stated above, which involves Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows helping Bálor to retain. Can't say I wouldn't mark for heel Bálor.

    It all depends what their plan for Bálor Club is, really. Will they be in NXT at all or will they debut on the main roster soon after TakeOver?

    Either way... Hyped for the ME.
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  12. This show looks amazing. I'll be watching and enjoying.
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  13. Pretty awesome promo.

  14. Can't wait.

    It's weird though, because after watching the whole Tyler Breeze saga and all these "hot indy signings"... It's be cool to see Baron Corbin break through this weird glass ceiling it feels like they're creating. Him jobbing clean here just feels wrong.
  15. I'm down for this LD.
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  16. Narrated by Mauro.
  17. Unfortunately, I won't be staying up for the show. But I'll be damn sure to watch it tomorrow!

    Enjoy it, folks!
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