News NXT Takeover: The End?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Emo, May 25, 2016.

  1. "
    The end? End of what?
  2. I think it's the end of the current storylines. Like a refresh of sorts, other than that - I think it's just something to tease to boost hype.
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  3. I hope that's it. I wouldn't see why they would end the show, being that it is so popular and that it helps talent get used to the format.
  4. Could be the end of the brand on the Network, going to USA as well. Another would be if it would be the end, then it'd be because they want to call up everyone when the draft takes place.

    Either of them seem quite doubtful anyway. Probably just named it to pull in excitement.
  5. End of Joe vs Finn obviously
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  6. End of Balor, period.

    One can dream.:emoji_slight_frown:

    Obviously the end of the old NXT when Roode comes and destroys everyone.
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  7. As Tsar pointed out, it's probably the end of current storylines.
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  8. Makes sense now. Doubt End'll debut on it, but yeah. End vs Joe let's gooo
  9. You be trollin' about Tommy End, boy, eh? More like BOBBY ROOOOOOOO vs Joe or Aries vs Joe
  10. The link leads straight to, dude.

    But yeah, I've just read the news on PWTorch and if the rumor is true, then I'm stoked!
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  11. Forgot WrestleZone links are poop when posted.

    Nak vs End would be crazy.
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  12. I'd mark for it, that's for sure.

    But if/before that happens, I'm pretty stoked for Naka vs A Double rn.

    Who do you have winning?
  13. Nakamura. Has more name value, possibly on his way up and a fattier contract to have him lose to Aries.
  14. Nak against Aries, probably End if they battled before Nak gets called up. Nak may be a bigger name value, but End is someone that fits the model the E tends to invest in.
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