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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Nero_x3, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. WWE's Official Post (open)

    WWE NXT Takeover to air LIVE on WWE Network on Thursday, May 29 at 8 p.m. ET

    STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE announced today that NXT Takeover, a live, two-hour action-packed special, will air exclusively on WWE Network on Thursday, May 29 at 8 p.m. ET. Following the success of NXT ArRIVAL, the special will once again showcase the best and brightest from the WWE Performance Center and include appearances by WWE Superstars and Legends.

    30 minutes prior to the event, the NXT Takeover pre-show will air at 7:30 p.m. ET and include exclusive interviews and appearances by NXT Superstars, WWE Superstars and Legends.

    “As NXT continues to grow in popularity and our fans demand to see more of the next generation of WWE Superstars, we are going to deliver live, in-ring programs featuring up-and-coming talent on WWE Network,” said Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative. “Our live NXT specials on WWE Network bring out the very best in our performers and make for must-see TV for the WWE Universe.”

    On February 27, NXT ArRIVAL on WWE Network had 21 worldwide Twitter trends and was No. 3 in overall social mentions for primetime programs on both cable and broadcast. The event had more social mentions than American Idol, the Vikings premiere on History Channel, college basketball on ESPN and Vampire Diaries on CW.

    I'm pretty damn excited to hear about this, NXT is finally getting more of a push as something more than just a developmental wrestling show for people to watch, it's actually being taken seriously by WWE now. What are your thoughts?
  2. And coincidentally since its been taken seriously by the 'E it has been slowly declining in quality. Alas, I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves and I'm sure this Takeover show will be good (especially considering the Main Event that was confirmed from the latest spoilers). However, I can't help but be bored with the overall NXT Product currently.
  3. I'll admit since Neville got the belt, it has decreased in quality a bit, but Nevilles not to blame. It's moreso a lack of good booking and no time for matches or storyline build. It's still present, just not as much as it was,
  4. It's not Neville's fault at all I agree, rather a really shallow roster which leads to having to book random job matches every week.

    They booked Arrival decently though, so I'm sure Takeover will be great too.
  5. Well, NXT getting attention isn't necessarily a good thing, I mean, it's the development show, it shouldn't be featured as part of the product, but that's not a problem either. This show can be fun though, if it goes like ArRival did it shall be great.
  6. There's nothing wrong with NXT getting the attention and being taken seriously by the WWE. There are some great wrestlers over there like Sami Zayn, Neville, Bo Dallas, The Ascension, Corey Graves, Aiden English, Collin Cassady, just to name a few...

    And I can't help but wonder, what in the bloody hell is taking WWE so long to call up these guys?! Instead, they call up Adam Rose who is going to be something like Fandango alas ENTERTAINING alas make a fool of himself... and this Fandango looks like a bad copy of John Morrison, give the guy a new gimmick... oh, and there's this guy Tyler Breeze who's a bad copy of Fandango. WTF WWE?
  7. I just have to say that Breeze>Fandango. Other than that I agree with most of what you said (although I don't really see a reason for WWE to showcase NXT, but as you said, either way is fine, it's just that it being a developmental show that only HHH and Dusty booked and the rest of the company left alone was a good thing imo. But if they don't change many things it can be promoted or not, won't make a difference).
  8. Breeze's gimmick can stay, it suits him, but they made him look like Fandango... What they really need to do with Fandango is just change his gimmick, it's really annoying, imo. The only good thing about Fandango is Layla. :bitw:
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  9. You have a point there, they're doing very similar gimmicks here and Breeze is the best one at it, while Fandango is just lost in midcard hell wrestling Santino on every show. When they call Breeze up it'd be kinda weird to have two guys doing the same shtick on the show.
  10. Yeah, exactly. ^
  11. NXT's gotten worse? I haven't watched since the last NXT PPV so D:. I need to get caught up.

    As for this, gotta be good news for the talents in NXT.
  12. Awesome News!
  13. I haven't noticed a decline in the NXT product, except as it relates to the fact that some of the top talent is now involved with the transition to the main roster. With Paige and Rusev (not to mention Cesaro, Big E, the Wyatts, the Shield) already up, Rose and Dallas (and maybe Zayn) on their way up, the revitalization of Tyson Kidd and Brodus Clay in NXT, it's just different, plus they probably do more advertising for WWE that it's pointless to fast-forward through.

    NXT is fine. It's an entertaining show that highlights more of the in-ring action than Raw and Smackdown, but they have to cut promos and do backstage segments on NXT if for no other reason than to teach the developmental performers how such things are done.

    And the announcement of NXT Takeover is great news for the kids.

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