Spoiler NXT taping results for November

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    WWE taped three episodes of NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.
    Here are the NXT spoilers:​

    Source: PWMania
  2. Asuka killing people is fun to watch.

    Giona Daddio, I'm in love.

    Joe turning heel, I did see coming. It's going to be a fun feud. However, Bálor turning heel when Itami's back is something I definitely see coming.
    Bálor's been heeling it up lately, so when Itami's back, they could reveal it was Finn who attacked him in the parking lot, hence why he's pre-emptively dropping the babyface mask.

    Athena finally made her TV debut, sweet!

    The Mechanics are the new tag champs? Yeah, baybay!
  3. Athena "finally" made her TV debut? She literally wasn't under contract at the last set of tapings. Relax, son.

    On topic: Seems like one of those lesser tapings. Few things of note, more based on keeping things rolling rather than blowing the roof off the place.
  4. Perhaps she wasn't under contract at the last set of TV tapings, but Athena was actually doing live events up until now, son.
  5. Oh yeah, those live events NXT does in between tapings in front of 150 people in some Florida armory. Big moves.
  6. Fuck The Mechanics, dumb ****s, Vaudevillans best NXT champs ever this is BS
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  7. They could be getting 'em ready to be called up to the main roster, along with Enzo and Cass.
  8. Great screwy finish in that first one! Heat up match leading to the shocking ending of Joe's heel turn. The Gotch thing sounds funny as fuck. As for the Eva Marie thing, yeah no... you still need a year of crazy ass training girl to be a real wrestler.
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