Spoiler NXT Tapings Airing In February & March

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    WWE held a set of NXT tapings on Friday night from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.
    Here are full WWE NXT spoilers.​

    Show Spoiler

    February 10th Episode:

    * Baron Corbin defeated Johnny Gargano with End of Days

    * Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley defeated two enhancement talents

    * Alexa Bliss defeated Cameron with a top rope splash

    * Elias Samson defeated Jesse Sorensen

    * Bayley retained the NXT Women's Title over Carmella with a roll through. This was a clean match. They hugged after the match and raised arms. Eva Marie and Nia Jax run down and destroy Carmella. Bayley also gets knocked down but Asuka makes the save. She has a staredown with Eva and Nia to scare them off. Asuka then stares Bayley down to a huge "yes!" chant

    February 17th Episode:

    * Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan vs. Dash, Dawson, Blake and Murphy is next. The babyfaces get the win after Jordan runs wild, then Enzo and Cass hit the splash

    * Asuka defeated Deonna Purrazzo

    * Tye Dillinger defeated Alex Riley

    * Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn in a #1 contenders match ended in a draw. Sami had Joe beat after a Helluva Kick but it ended with a double pin when Sami's shoulders were down as he fell on Joe for a pin

    February 24th Episode:

    * Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeated Blake and Murphy in a lengthy match, using the alley-oop German suplex

    * Apollo Crews defeated Christopher Girard (Biff Busick) with the big slam

    * Tommaso Ciampa defeated Bull Dempsey by submission

    * Eva Marie and Nia Jax defeated Carmella and Bayley when Nia dropped a leg on Carmella and Eva tagged herself in for the pin

    March 2nd Episode:

    * NXT General Manager William Regal announces Joe vs. Zayn in a 2 of 3 Falls Match for the next tapings, winner will be #1 contender

    * The Vaudevillains defeated Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight

    * Elias Samson defeated Steve Cutler

    * Emma defeated Santana Garrett by submission

    * Regal announced he's signed Austin Aries and introduced him. Before Aries could make it into the ring, Baron Corbin attacked him from behind and destroyed him at ringside

    * Neville vs. NXT Champion Finn Balor is the main event. Balor wins the non-title match with a Bloody Sunday after a foot stomp. This was said to be a great match

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  3. This time if Big Banter Baron says "Go back to Ring of Honor!" he will actually be right.
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  4. First Joe, then Apollo, then Johnny, and now Aries. Baron is on a roll. Biff vs Baron next please.
  5. Can't wait for Baron to win the NXT title, just gotta flick Aries away first.
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