NXT this week.....Meaty review

Discussion in 'NXT' started by DarksideTrin, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Dive Champions Match: An actual good Divas match put on by Emma and paige! I really enjoyed their performance! Dint go to the can once!

    A few good spots and actual wrestling. Not MOTY worthy, but a good match to crown the first champ is always a good thing!

    Debut of Tyler breeze.... Not impressed. Needs work. Maddox made it watchable


    CENA MERCH!!!!! gag

    Like ascensions intro. Who the hell are their opponents.....doesnt look good for guys I dont know! One of em looks like a guy from the old 1920 fisticuffs pics.... OLD SCHOOL RASSLIN!
    Shaping up to be a squash match....yep...Watch if only for Maddox.... he is hilarious!

    Total Divas commercial..... UGH!!!!!

    Bo and zayn and cesaro and kruger... would be ok if it was on THIS SHOW!!!!

    But no.. we get the great white dope But at least we get to see some Wyatts!
    Luke harper is a Talent! A big man who can actually work!

    Overall, Anytime we can get a dose of Brad Maddox being Brad Maddox on my TV for an extended amount of time is a good thing. The show for what it is, gets a solid 5 by itself, Maddox raises it to a 7/10!

    Yes its a short review, but its a short show.
  2. I award you 0 points, and god have mercy on your soul.
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  3. Glad you hated it! My work here is done!
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