News NXT tournament to be held at Axxes, winner gets spot in AGMBR

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Mar 20, 2015.

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  2. Would be awesome if any of these guys ended up winning that thing, but sadly, I don't think it'll be happening.
  3. I'm thinking Adrian will win the tournament, and then go on to win the Battle Royal. Either him or Breeze, except I don't think Breeze would win the Battle Royal if he did win the tournament.

    Bring on that BoBreeze tag team!
  5. I'd jizz my pants if Finn won the tournament and then went on to win ATGMBR.
  6. Would imagine either Neville & Zayn would be going onto the ATGMBR.. Would be cool if a double count out happened and both men got a spot.
  7. That'd be cool, indeed.

    Although I think I have to make a correction from my previous post: I'd jizz my pants if any of the NXT guys went on to win the ATGMBR. But I think that's too good to be true.
  8. Eh. Could be a nice way to get a guy into the main roster, but I wouldn't bet on the NXT guy winning and they'd likely ruin him anyway.
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  9. I wonder if there will be a stream for this, or if the WWEN will have some footage showing.. I really want to see this tournament.
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  10. Here's to hoping they show it in its entirety or at least the highlights of the tourney.
  11. Can't remember if they did or didn't show any of the NXT Axxess matches last year.
  12. I don't seem to recall that either. Well, here's to hoping they do this year, though...
  13. This is awesome!
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  14. What's gonna be even more awesome is the fact that whoever wins this thing will probably get eliminated by Show or Kane. Yay!
  15. Come on dude this is like my one positive WWE post ever since you joined and you've gotta go drop a deuce on it like that. Damn.

    Prediction: One of either Big Show or Kane WILL be eliminated by the NXT guy.
  16. Sorreh for being a buzzkiller. :sad:

    But here's to hoping the NXT guy does eliminate either Show or Kane, or both of 'em! Yay, optimism's here! :bodallas:
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  17. He's injured, bro.
  18. zzzzz
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