SPOILER! NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

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Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
So...I finally got around t watching NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff & it truly is
amazing how much great wrestling I've watched over the last few days.

I'm not going to give you guys the "Play by Play" but I will offer my thoughts
on each match & the show as a whole.

Match #1: Noam Dar vs. Travis Banks: 13:55
A solid opener which gave both men enough time to flex their muscles and
each get in some good spots. I have to admit I've liked Noam Dar since I first
saw him & I'm glad he picked up the win here...although it just isn't the same

Match #2: Cesaro vs. Ilja Dragunov: 12:26
Well I have to admit I think Cesaro fits into the UK wrestling scene far better
than the American one & this was an entertaining match where again both
men looked sharp with Dragunov really showing his skills against the Swiss

If I'm the WWE I keep Cesaro in the UK for the time being...because there is
a money match he should be booked in.

Match #3: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Zack Gibson & James Drake vs. Gallus: 20:17
So I will admit this match was a little "messy" simply because three team
were involved...but it was still an entertaining match with the hometown
heroes going over much to the delight of the crowd. Take note WWE main
roster bookers & creative.

Keeping your fans happy is a good way to keep them as fans.

Match #4: Joe Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff: 16:03
So this match was okay...but I have to admit I think they were restricted by
the venue itself. The ring turnbuckle breaking early was weird...but probably
planned & both men looked as tough as nails...despite the somewhat "petty"
finish that was booked.

Can we team up Dave Mastiff up with Otis Dozovic?

It would be like the Natural Disasters 2.0.

Match #5: Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm: 9:52
So...not only was this the shortest match of the night...but also the most
disappointing from a results point of view. Toni Storm is star...she has it
all & honestly made Kay Lee Ray look like a jobber when standing next to

However...Kay Lee Ray went over...& I just don't get it?

Is Toni Storm being moved to NXT USA to help fill out their roster for the
new network debut? I mean that's the only reason why I think this title
change happened...and if that is the case...then...I guess that's okay...but
honestly Kay Lee Ray may be the "plainest" Champion I've ever seen in
the WWE.

Match #6: Walter vs. Tyler Bate: 42:12
Fucking Incredible. That is all I can really say. The fact a guy the size of
Walter can not only wrestle but can wrestle a 40 minutes match is just
phenomenal...and the in-ring storytelling & crowd involvement raised
this match to another level entirely.

Tyler Bate just kept fighting...no matter what...and it was enthralling
to watch for the entire 42 minutes & 42 seconds.

Walter vs. Pete Dunne was possibly my "Match of the Year" but this
was even better. I suggest you all go & watch this match because it
is definitely worth your time if you enjoy PROPER wrestling.

The show also ended with a great moment that I won't spoil...but
just so you know...this is one of those special matches where both
men won.

I doubt Seth & Braun will get anywhere close to this...but if they were
smart they would be taking notes from this excellent match.

Miscellaneous Observations:
~ The venue seemed incredibly small...at least it did to my eyes...
~ Toni Storm may have the best booty in all of wrestling...
~ Imperium is a great faction name...& a sweet song by Machine Head...
~ The commentary was really good & Nigel McGuinness was as animated
as I've ever heard him during the main event...but it worked because the
match had earned that kind of reaction/performance from him.

Final Thoughts:
While I will admit this show wasn't as good as Blackpool overall...the main
event was just incredible & elevated the entire show in the process.

More of this please WWE...

I like it when you give me this kind of wrestling.

Can we have Walter vs. Cesaro at the next UK TakeOver please?

8 out of 10

Let me know your thoughts & opinions if you watched the show...and if you
haven't...please go & watch it...or at least watch the main event...

You won't regret it.

I'll see you all around the traps...


Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
If it was HBK vs Hitman or something like that I would watch it but since it’s NXT uk idk. And no, not a big fan of matches that are 40+ minutes long, except if they are REALLY good.
The only matches that should go above 30 minutes are Iron Man matches and gimmicks like the Royal Rumble match

I'm really disappointed you guys have that opinion/view.


Well...life goes on...

Its your loss for not watching a great match.

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