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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Starting "Rate NXT" threads every week seems a bit redundant, seeing as how they haven't been drawing much attention.

    In order to avoid that, I've decided to create something like this.

    From here on out, this is going to be the general discussion thread for the weekly NXT show.
    If y'all are willing to participate, of course.

    This thread would be quite similar to the LUG and ROH discussion threads.

    Okay, let's do this, folks! ​
  2. 6/10

    Just felt like the main event could've been better and wtf was the divas match???
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  3. A mess.
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  4. Can we have this thread stickied? @Solidus
  5. NXT Results For Tonight

    * Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley defeated Elias Sampson & Mike Wallace.

    * Emma beat Blue Pants. Blue Pants got a crazy pop. Greg Hamilton led the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to her afterwards.

    * Tyler Breeze beat Bull Dempsey. There were "cardio" chants when Bull was running around the ring.

    * Becky Lynch defeated Jessie McKay with an armbar.

    * Baron Corbin defeated Angelo Dawkins

    * Samoa Joe defeated Scott Dawson with the muscle buster. Kevin Owens was on commentary. Joe cut a promo after the match and called Owens to the ring. Owens said Joe should thank him for not choking him. Owens called Joe a rookie in NXT and said he has to earn a title shot. Regal comes out makes Owens vs. Joe in a non-title match for next week.

    Sounds like a fun lil show.
    Looking forward to watching it tomorrow!
  6. Thanks for keeping it under spoiler tag wraps, bro/yo. :otunga:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Can NXT please stop pushing shitty Dana Brook and actually book Sasha well? Is that asking a lot?
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  9. I couldn't agree more.

    Where has Sasha been since TakeOver, anyway? Missin' that lass.
  10. I thought the 6/10/15 episode would be fun, but in the end, it wasn't.
    Come on, get your act together, NXT!

    - Broski & Mojo vs Samson & Rallis was OK.

    - The 'Finn Bálor arrives' vignette was cool.

    - Emma vs Blue Pants was meh, boring.

    - Tyler Breeze vs Bull Dempsey was OK, I guess.

    - Becky Lynch vs Jessie McKay was OK.

    - Baron Corbin vs Angelo Dawkins was boring.


    - Samoa Joe vs Scott Dawson was OK.

    Looking forward to KO vs Samoa Joe next week!
  11. This is effin' Finn-tastic!
  12. I would kill to see this
  13. Know on this set of tapings, they've been using these viginettes (sp?) to build up a Sasha match on the 3rd taping, but her boyfriend had an injury at the Center and they had to write her off to be with him.
    OK with that, but... good lord does this division need her. Badly. WHERE IS CHARLOTTE?

    Speaking of such, I'm really starting to worry about the future of NXT. When THE DEMON BALOR wins the title - which in and of itself is an awesome moment - and Owens will mostly be gone, this roster will seem really depleted, really fast.

    Ryder and Rawley being a team? I'm not sure about that... They need teams? I guess? See, I'm one match in and already just shamelessly throwing out question marks. Cool to see Ryder with something to do though! Hot damn has it been too long. He's teaming with Ass on a Plate and... well... the NXT Crowd loves it, so... fuck it, lets go. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    The Balor video package was fantastic and the best non-Zayn/Owens/Enzo/Emma thing I've seen on this show in months and months. Dana Brooke continues to work for me in the most awkward of ways, but don't really like her talking about being better. Lol Keep that gimmick for Eva Marie since it doesn't help yours... but speaking of working for me... if you think a show featuring Angry Emo Emma vs Birthday Girl Leva is getting a bad rating out of me, you clearly don't know me well enough. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Thank GOD for the internet! Someone actually wrote this down word-for-word:


    AN OUT OF SHAPE GIMMICK? Ugh. Please get Vince McMahon away from my beloved NXT show... although Regal stealing his food for him to shrug and pull out a candy bar was the non-Enzo moment of the night

    Match of the Night goes to... nobody since this was all jobber garbage, but shoutout to Jessie McKay, who may have a nice future here. Can't judge much from a 4 minute squash but damn good showing from the lady. GREAT to see Becky's still around, she's solidified herself as up there with Charlotte and Sasha and deserves all the credit that those two do.

    Baron Corzzzzzzzzz

    And Samoa Joe's WWE debut sucked! :yay: Welp... good luck with Owens... I guess... lol
  14. But she's the champion and besides the last PPV, she hasn't been booked like a good champion, even before her fiance had the accident. Charlotte's probably been with the main roster- I'm sure that I read somewhere that she'd been doing dark matches with them.
  15. Oh, no. :sad: Poor Charlotte. Gone too soon.

    The booking of Sasha has indeed been really poor. IMO it's not hurting her as champion, it just sucks.

    In theory the idea of scaling back on the established girls to get the new ones ready is a good one, but... Come on, NXT. Break out of this slump
  16. Talk about the 'out of shape/goofy' gimmick... Looks like this side (from his indy days) of Bull Dempsey will be coming back.
  17. What a weird show. :hmm:
  18. Underwhelming episode, although it sucks calling it like that.

    - Enzo, Cass & Carmella vs Blake, Murphy & Alexa was an OK show opener. Hoping to see Zo & Cass as the
    new tag champs at next Takeover.

    - Joe's promo was aight.

    - The "Who is Finn Bálor? - Part 1" was awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of it.

    - Charlotte vs KC Cassidy was OK.

    - The "Finn Bálor arrives" vignette was awesome!

    - Samoa Joe vs KO was a decent ME.
  19. Ya know.. I was just thinking about that ME. Saw some reactions to it and kinda wondered something, and I want to hear @Danielson 's take on this as an old-school ROH guy.

    I always respected Samoa Joe. He's always been looked at as a TNA legend, and most people know him more for his ROH run. People look back on his classic matches with Kenta Kobashi, Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, the list goes on and on... But it seems like so many of these matches and feuds were from 2005 or 2006. This guy hasn't done much of anything relevant since then, and blame TNA booking all you want (and the biggest knock on Joe is that he only gives effort when you put him in angles that he's motivated to get over, ala Randy Orton, and he dealt with a whole lot of crap) but people tend to remember him fondly for things that happened 10 years ago.

    Is there any chance this guy just doesn't have it anymore? Maybe he may not be that special in the current landscape? Hell, Samoa Joe was kicking ass in 2012 as part of the team with Magnus and leading the BFG Series and nobody wanted to talk about him.

    Or maybe he can be like Kenta, who put on asstastic matches with the Ascension before he figured out how the WWE Style can work for him. Who knows?