NXT: What is it that makes the show good?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Okay so the thought here is to discuss what it is that makes NXT good and worth watching. NXT has since at least the start of 2012 been pushing out consistently good programming. The matches are 90% high quality and of good length. There is no specific wrestler that hogs all the spotlight and the video packages are kept to a minimum. Clearly we need to be able to discuss what it is that NXT is doing right.

    Personally I'd say it's the fact that they allow feuds time to develop. Very rarely do we on NXT see a feud be throw together hastily, fast forwarded through and forgotten two weeks later. The Kidd vs McGillcutty feud has been going on since March now and has been allowed to grow and mature, both guys putting out some of their best work ever in the WWE. When wrestlers on NXT get in the ring there is very seldom a hap hazard match that's just thrown together. There is almost always some kind of feud or storyline behind it.

    Another thing that I think helped was dropping the contest/reality series format. It's still there but instead of competing for points the rookies just have to impress Striker and Regal with their work in the ring.

    Discuss it people! What are your opinions?
  2. - New stars
    - Storyline makes sense
    - Good Wrestling
  3. Matches have time, that will always make them better. It's not rushed like divas matches or midcard Raw matches, everything is well paced. Feuds also make sense, like the Kidd vs McGillicutty one, for example. And with a roster that will probably change constantly now, everything will be more dynamic and overall better.

    Dropping the reality show thing is what made it better imo, now it's like a third brand to develop talent with a lot of time, not superstars who already have TV time acting like pros and rookies having to complete the challenges... big difference.
  4. Perhaps we should start uploading NXT to our channels?
  5. Re: RE: NXT: What is it that makes the show good?

    WWE does it dnt they?

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  6. But only for American audiences.
  7. This.

    I can't see most of WWE's stuff :emoji_slight_frown:
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