NXT wrestler apparently ready for main roster

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Very vague but if it means he is getting called up to RAW or Smackdown then I am markymarking like there is no tomorrow. I love this man.

  2. Will probably be Smackdown rather than Raw. But Hell yeah I'm up for it.
  3. Well he has to lose the champion first. :willis:
  4. He could be called up with the gold. Showing off that he is the top dog in NXT, just called up to a bigger pond, then lose the title down the road.
  5. I admire his confidence but no. Midcard is as far as I can ever see this guy going, he's no Punk.
  6. NXT isn't even on TV in the U.S.

    Although they have it on Hulu, do not know how many people watch it.
  7. R'Albin is officially no longer a bro.
  8. He could easily become another Punk by winning MITB.
  9. With Rollins the sky is really the limit in my opinion. He has a ring style that gets the crowd standing and he has that natural charisma that makes you like him, which covers up that his mic work isn't the best.
  10. True, but throughout the months I expect his mic skills to improve.
    Daniel Bryan's mic skills weren't the best and look on what's happening now.

    Some people didn't see Punk getting the WHC and he proved them all wrong.
    It just takes a storyline and booking and anyone can become a Main Eventer. Should not be judging on appearance.
  11. Exactly. I'd bring up Rollins and put him in a program with Cesaro for the US title. The hungry rookie versus the heel champ. It writes itself. Their ring chemistry is also really good.
  12. I'm still expecting Cesaro to change it to the European Championship.
  13. Tyler is very good, but hopefully he doesn't get lost in the shuffle and turns into JoMo 2.0 because of the look.
  14. @[JoeRulz] Triple H is reportedly very high on Tyler/Seth so I think he will do well. He is not a pet project but Hunter is rumored to like him.
  15. Hope it's true. He's the NXT Champion after all, if I'm right...
  16. He is.

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  17. Now, that's an awesome looking belt.
  18. Give NXT a check Joe. It is easily the best show WWE has, completely different from the rest of the product. Focus is on competition.

    Also JR and Regal on commentary make it gold.
  19. If I find more free time, I will, because there's an awesome talent in Hero, Steamboat, Rollins, etc. over there.
  20. It'd be nice to have Rollins on the main roster, starting as a midcarder on SD... I'd like to see it. A feud with Cesaro could also be good.
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