NXT's best and worst finishers

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  1. In your opinion, who has the best and worst finishers in NXT? A particular order isn't necessary but feel free to rank them if you want to.

    My personal favorites are Adrian Neville's red arrow (corkscrew shooting star press). He hits it flawlessly every time he does it and it has some legit wow factor behind it. I also love Graves lucky 13 submission move and Kruger's GC3 submission. Both are moves that fit the characters doing them and they look like they really hurt when put on right. Kruger's way of incorporating it into his character and mannerisms is just awesome to watch.

    Honorable mentions going out to the following: Emma, Wyatt, Harper, Woods, O'Brien & Zayn.

    As for worst. It's split between Bo Dallas' belly to belly suplex shitfest and Paige's Paige turner. Dallas finisher looks weak, there's nothing special or extravagant about it and Paige might have the weakest and worst Lightning Spiral I have seen in wrestling. Her old finisher was much better for her.

    What's your opinion on the best and worst finishers in NXT?
  2. Haven't really paid attention to anyone else's finishers, to be completely honest, besides Neville and Emma, lmao.

    I remembered seeing Paige's Paige Turner last NXT episode though and I remember thinking it wasn't that great. Definitely doesn't suit her that well, imo. Not sure what her finisher was before, but I trust your judgement on it.
  3. The move Paige uses itself is fine, but not as a finisher. Would work better as a set up for a finisher in my opinion. She also does it very slowly. This is how you do a Lightning Spiral (the move Paige uses as a finisher)

    Note the speed and how the guy receiving it lands on his head/neck/upper back. Paige's opponents tend to just roll over on their backs.
  4. Best is Neville's, and I also love KO's Elbows. Worst has to be Paige's (what happened to that awesome Cradle DDT? Did they consider it dangerous or something?), and Bo's is also pretty crappy, although him not using the Spear anymore makes sense.
  5. For the worst, Bo's is way up there while his buddy Kruger is as well, that armhook submission thing just looks really weak, totally agree on the Paigeturner especially after the awesomeness of the Cradle DDT. Have complained alot about Corey's since it doesn't suit his character but it is a good submission.

    The best is Neville and it's not even close. Also like the Barbecue Boys' tag finisher because the execution is so good, on the other hand Mason Ryan's lifting-cutter-thing looks like it could be devastating but they need to work on the setup, and will throw in Conor using the Atomic Leg Drop for the lols

    So many guys who I can't remember their finishers though.
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