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    NXT has been around in its current form for just about a year now. And out of all the wrestlers who have competed on it, who would you rank as the MVPs of the show? Those guys who helped make it what it is today andh ave been crucial to the shows success. You can chose multiples of course and please explain why you think you picks are MVP material.

    My first pick has to be Rollins. Rollins was the first big babyface on the NXT roster, he was the guy the NXT title tournament was built around and the guy who became the first ever champion. He helped establish NXT as what it is now. Had Rollins not been on NXT the first ever champion would likely have been Bo Dallas.Rollins was that good guy that NXT needed at the start.

    My second pick for MVP is Wyatt. For every good hero, there needs to be a great villain, and boy is he a great villain. Wyatt plays his character to a T. He knows exactly what he has to do to get a reaction from the crowd and there is no coincidence that when Rollins and Big E went to the main roster that a lot of focus was put on Bray, he showed that Dusty was right in trusting him when the first round of call ups came and he has kept the steam train that is NXT rolling on smoothly. Any face who goes up against the family gets a lot of cred just by association.

    Those are my picks. Who are yours?
  2. I have to say Adrian Neville as mine first pick.
    The guy has done it all and has proven himself on NXT.
    Mine second pick must be Kassius Ohno, the guy is simply amazing and just like Neville done it all.
    Ofcourse that doesnt mean that im not a fan of the Wyatt family, because if there is any doubt im a big fan of the family.
    I cant wait what the battle royal tourney will bring for Wyatt.
    I would love to see him and Kassius fight for the title.
  3. Just for the sake of the discussion. How has Neville and Ohno done it all on NXT? Sure they have been high profile parts of the show but have they really been that high profile?
  4. No I mean done it all in general.
    Both guys been in so manny promotions.
  5. But that doesn't justify them being NXT's most valued.
    To be the most valued on NXT shouldn't that mean that you have done a lot for NXT, not your over all career before?

    Take Rollins for example, he's a former ROH world champion, but that isn't a reason for why I picked him as an NXT MVP, instead I base it off his NXT work. To say Ohno is the MVP for his career in PWG would be like me joining a football team and becoming MVP based on my hockey credentials.
  6. I guess your right there but, you have to be honest.
    Ohno is 1 of the guys that can easely measure himself with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.
    It just needs time for WWE to see it :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Ohno's NXT career up until recently says otherwise. He was extremely unmotivated up until the Regal program. He seemed to be just phoning it in and going through the motions. If he was going to be like that he should have quit. He seems motivated now and I hope he stays that way, but his NXT career has not given him any reason for why he should be an MVP for the show in my opinion. And Neville just hasn't done enough.
  8. Maybe ge gets motivated now his buddy El Generico arrived.
    And Cesaro got some matches on NXT, that needs to motivate him.
  9. If so that is the wrong kind of motivation in my opinion. "I'll only work good with guys I am friends with", yeah that's going to work on a 50+ guy roster.
  10. I dunno I dont think it is the reason.
    But its a motivation for him that his buddy Cesaro is in WWE.
  11. He should be motivated to work since he is wrestling for the biggest company in the world, almost every wrestlers dream is to work on RAW or wrestle at mania, him only being motivated because Antonio, Zayn and Daniel Bryan are in the WWE sounds ludicrous. Because two of those guys were already under WWE contract when Ohno was signed, yet he spent almost a year under contract just phoning it in. I don't see how his friends suddenly are the reason he is motivated.
  12. Well I have not really good explaining.
    But if he is feeling down he can get some support atleast.
    I dont think that he agrees with being on NXT.
    But I want the best for Ohno no doubt.
    He got all the talent.
  13. Gotta throw out Summer Rae, she's done great work as the centerpiece of the NXT Divas' Division that's been really good.
    Shame Vince ruined the regular one. Really would like to see her and Paige on regular TV.
  14. Nice shout out on Summer.

    Sadly there hasn't really been a tag team that can be classed as a tag team MVP on NXT. The Ascension got disbanded due to Kenneth punching a cop, The Wyatt family hasn't been active enough despite being around for a while and British Ambition was scrapped due to Oliver's injury. Other than that most divisions seem to have had an MVP. Even the veterans, I haven't got a veteran MVP pinned down yet personally but Gabriel has been used quite a bit so I'm leaning towards him right now.
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