Obama Wants To Raise Minimum Wage

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  1. I heard Obama is trying to raise minimum wage to $9.
    He feels full time workers should not be living in poverty.
    I agree but at the same time, this will kill small businesses.
    They won't be able to afford to pay the staff they have.

    What do you guys think?
  2. What's the current minimum wage in the US?

    In the UK if you're over 21 it's £6.19/hour - small business here manage to pay that to their staff. That's like $10/hour.
  3. $7.25 I believe but I am not certain.
  4. Min. wage has to go up as inflation causes prices for everything to go up. It's common sense.
  5. THIS IS THE BEST NEW EVER! We ownly get $7.25 here in NY and minimum wage it should be aless at $8.00 but $9.00 an Hour WOULD BE FUCKIN EPIC!
  6. $7.25? That's what like £4.60/hour. That's what apprentices get paid in the UK.

    How is anyone supposed to like on that when inflation is driving food/living costs through the roof.
  7. Exactly, Gohan. Try living and supporting yourself in CA or NY on minimum wage. It won't happen unless you are living literally with the bare necessities
  8. Good luck on that one guys, you really need that money :/. essentially £4 an hour sucks as a wage.
  9. It's necessary but isn't really a shock. Inflation has pretty much forced it.
  10. Lets be real... In Cali, if you are making minimum wage you would be lucky to afford a cardboard box. :pity:
  11. I'm moving to live in Switzerland.
  12. Wish I could x3
  13. If minimum wage is going to be $9 then I better get a raise...
  14. I wish I didn't have to pay taxes :-(
  15. What's sad is... If you are making $9.50 and the guy who slacks off is making minimum wage.. He will get bumped to $9.00 and you'll be lucky to get a $0.25 raise. I would be pissed if that happened. Like if you are going to raise minimum wage up $1.75, everyone should get a $1.75 raise.
  16. You are part native american. :pity:
    You should only be paying "some" taxes.
    Like you shouldn't be paying land taxes, neither should my husband.

    I mean native americans were raped, killed, robbed of there land, food, and so much more... I think anyone with native blood shouldn't have to pay ANY land taxes.
  17. If you are making 9.00 an hour, chances are you are at a place that employs almost exclusively part time, and you have been there long enough to get (most likely) 2 raises to bump you up. Changing minimum wage is garbage talk and is a nice way to stick it to the mom and pop stores who now have to pay part time what they used to pay full time at start, while walmart could give 0 fucks about it.

    Not into the min wage deal,good short term, shitty long term.
  18. This is the first year I've hired someone to do my taxes, so hopefully they can figure out all of my benefits.
  19. We still shit on them all day every day today, and then hate on casinos. They have a heriarchy inside of the community, and people are able to live off it, but statistically Native americans are hard up all the way around still.

    That being said, fuck taxes. I want to buy a house and have the shit be MINE. Schools should be private, land on lakes shouldnt be shit but you need to take care of your own deal, and my job shouldnt be giving me overtime so i can pay half my paycheck because i moved up a fucking bracket.

    Taxes are bullshit.
  20. Its is crap that anyone has to pay taxes on land a house they bought with their hard earned money sits on. Its like, no one actually owns any land because we have to pay on in to our graves. If I could I'd buy a whole park, but hey... they'd find a way to tax me on that too!
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