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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Everyone has liking for certain objects. When you have an object fetish, you tend to have a lot of this said object and always find yourself wanting more.

    I have a shoe, candle, pillow, and hoodie fetish.
    I have like 25 pairs of shoes, over 10 throw pillows, a TON of candles and at least 25 hoodies, if not more.

    inb4someonesaysihaveacatfetish :harvey:
  2. Headphone and Indy DVD fetish
  3. DVDs and CDs in general. I like having a hard copy of albums,movies,and,tv series I really enjoyed.
  4. Music. Records, Cds, tapes, etc etc.
  5. Ass, ass, titties, titties, ass n' titties :happy:
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  6. DVDs, CDs, hoodies (I have 30), cardigans, bracelets, earrings, and lipsticks. <3
  7. CDs, and anything else music related.
  8. DVD's and Books.

    Most of my music I've digitised to save space lol.
  9. Not sure if it is classed as an object but downloads. I download so much shit, Movies, CDs, PPVs, Emulators, Roms etc and hoodies.
  10. *Fixed :sandow:
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  11. I dont download :urm:

    i do but shhhhh
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  12. For me, it has to be with music and accessories. I like getting beautiful, eccentric earrings and necklaces. I love music in general so if I really like a musician I'll get a hard copy of the CD. I like having the album art and being able to play a quality album on my stereo.
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  13. Funny shirts, console/pc accessories, video games, posters, & pokemon cards

    If food counts, I can't stop eating butter caramel candy currently.
  14. While not particularly in the same manner as what you're describing (at least the collecting part) I have a keychain with me at all times and I'm not pleasant to be around at all when it's not within my vicinity. I've been told it's an unhealthy dependency which I'd say constitutes it as a fetish.
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  15. Socks, feet disgust me.
  16. I don't leave the house without a few different things so I know what you mean.
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