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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by T.R.I.C, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Well, I have no clue what to say in these things, thus I'll just ramble.

    I've been a wrestling fan since I can remember. Yes, I am ashamed to wear wrestling merchandise out in public, despite wrestling being main stream. My other interests are video games, music, and movies. If I'm not walking the streets of down town Toronto with headphones on, or a Playstation Vita in my hand, yes I'm one of those suckers, then I've been robbed and someone should call 9-11.

    As for favourite wrestlers, currently I don't have any. I have those who I pay attention to, but its not like I'd be crushed to never see them on television or watch another promotion to see them. The last great wrestler I could call a favourite would be Eddie Guerrero . As a kid into whoever the top face wrestlers were. What can I say, I did a lot of stupid things as a child.

    Currently I watch, Raw, Impact, ROH.... when I remember.

    So... That's my life story, now you can call me a jobber and tell me to

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  2. Toronto is gaayyy!
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  3. Welcome to the forums! Wishing you'll enjoy your time here! <3
  4. Welcome man, you'll have a great time around here.
  5. Welcome to WWEF! I hope you enjoy your time here :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. I used to be like this too, but then I realized I never really go outside anyway and that some of the new shirts are really cool.

    Anywho, welcome to the site! I'm Leojay, your new hero and role model.
  7. Hey man, welcome to the forum. Cool intro :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. Nice intro fella good to have you around.
  9. Hello,

    <<< Igor Biscan welcomes you to WWEforums!!
  10. Sick intro m8. Welcome :emoji_wink:
  11. Welcome to the site mate. Hope you enjoy and stick around
  12. Thanks every, except the guy who said Toronto is gay. Your words, they cut deep.:please:
  13. Don't worry. I'm from Toronto pretty much as well.
  14. Another Toronto guy eh? Excellent :burns:
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