Obsessed with this song.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Don't care about gay remarks. Thanks Xanth.

  2. I know Lupe Fiasco in real life. I could introduce you to him.
  3. I know 2 Pac irl, want me to introduce you to him?
  4. Sucky and gay :pipebomb: !
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  5. This is as straight as a Texas road :pipebomb:
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    I really do know him. Picture for proof. Also know Big Sean. He's cool, met him backstage.


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  7. meeting =/= knowing :pity1: :harvey:

    Anyway, not a fan, but that's pretty cool.
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  8. Prove its you hombre
  9. That song sucks
  10. I like when that Guy Sebastion goes in. I also like Lupe's flow.
  11. Not the biggest fan of Lupe's rapping at all. It's just that damn hook.
  12. holy shit

    guy sebastian is known outside of australia?

    he was actually brought up in my neighbourhood, went to the same school with him and everything (not at the same time, ofc). somewhat of a fag legend around here.
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