Obsessions As A Child?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. Were you obsessed with anything as a child? Be it toys, movies, games, shows, music, ect.

    I remember being obsessed with Barney at a young age, then Lion King shortly after that. lolol I also LOVED Mortal Kombat games.
  2. Legend of Zelda. Lol, not much as changed.
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  3. Nature shows and animal shows. All day, every day.
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  4. I am still obsessed with them...
  5. Music, my mom had a lot of old rock albums that I'd listen to when I was younger. Besides that I would have to say Paperboy on an NES, I'd spend so much time on that game.
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  6. I was also obsessed with Pokemon for a good 2 years. I played the card game and the hand held games on gameboy as well.
  7. Probably Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles, I mean outside of Wrestling those were the shows where hey leave me the hell alone when I'm watching them lol.Interesting after a long layoff I've gotten into those shows OH NOO!!:happy:
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  8. TMNT, SMB3, Punchout, SAved by the bell, WWF.
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  9. Baseball, mystery books (I read the 3 sherlock holmes books i had at least a dozen times each) and Video Games.
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  10. Aw crap.. Reading about books reminded me of them Goosebumps books... I had so many of them. :lol1:
  11. haha yeah i read through that whole series as well as the lion the witch and the wardrobe series, too lazy to google atm.
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  12. I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and wanted to watch it all the time. I loved being read to before bed and I was in love with the book, But No Elephants. I could hear that story over and over again and never get tired of it lol.
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  13. I was the same way
  14. Computer games, i was banned from playing Mario as i was no good at it by some older relatives and that made me determined to get my own console, then i started playing them like mad, getting angry when dying and everything, then i got the hang of them.
  15. Dragon Ball Z . . . I think that's pretty much it. I remember liking/loving a lot of others things growing up but I don't think any of them got to the point of obsession as DBZ did. Toonami by extension of DBZ & having some other good shows, mainly Yu Yu Hakusho, so that counts I guess but yeah, that's about it.
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  16. SpongeBob
    Powerpuff Girls
    Dexter's Lab.
    Now... I guess I'm obsessing over Daniel Bryan.
  17. Star Wars and GTA Vice City...yeah...I was fucked up
  18. Matchbox cars. Those were great.
  19. Somehow i forgot to add TMNT to my list. I was insanely obsessed, to the point where my parents kept my old toys and i have doubles of some of the action figures. TNMT bedset, tent, and anything Rafael and Michelangelo
  20. Ultimate Muscle, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Movies, Video games, and Space Jam.
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