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  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. No really I love October and all that comes along with it. Plus I'm bored.
  2. October is probably my favorite month of the year. I love Autumn. :yay:
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  3. At least the Summer is over.
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  4. Oh.....umm......cool.....
  5. October is da bomb. It's like the nice month. "Here bro, I won't make it hot but I won't make it too cold either. Plus, I'll make your trees look really awesome, I bring awesome food and cider, and you get free candy!" I mean it doesn't get much better than that.
  6. Fuck October. This is the month where I try to watch zombie movies to be rudely interrupted by some kid wanting my food.
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  7. You know what months are better for me???

    March- The month of AJ's birthday

    August- The month of my birthday

    June- The month of Payback 2013, where AJ one her first Divas title. I can't wait till next year to celebrate the anniversary of 6/16/13. I'm going to have a big party, and it's going to be like that every year. ^_^
  8. Solution. Buy some candy for yourself, when kids go to your door, give them rocks or a copy of Night of Champions 2013 for them to cry themselves to sleep with.
  9. This year im just gonna hand out Victory Road 2011 DVDs and watch them overcome with joy at the TNA logo and then cry when they see what event it is.
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  10. Bonfire night > Halloween.


    Ah forgot, americans can buy fireworks but not set them off. :urm::lol1:
  11. Oh shit bonfire night is awesome, Just sitting out the back with mah dad setting off fireworks.
  12. But since the government partially is shut down...

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  13. Thinking more walking the streets seeing what druggies are trying to shoot rockets at you, that's rather fun when drunk :dawg:
  14. :haha:
  15. Tell the kids to go fuck themselves.
  16. You can get arrested for that
  17. Im gonna dress up as a priest on Halloween and stay near the little boys to freak out the parents.
  18. Not sure about this so called Cooler weather, it's hot here 24/7 even on F'n winter. Walking dead is a plus of course, and fuck yo candy.
  19. That blows. Fall weather is the bomb here in New York.
  20. It's my favorite time of year.:yay:
    Time to start wearing thicker clothes,go on haunted trails,in haunted houses,and, sit around at home cuddled up in a blanket with the lights off and watching classic horror movies all month!
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