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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. This is one of the greatest thing's i've ever seen.

    Essentially just a VR setup for your pc or xbox, but this is dope as hell and apparently will only run about $350!

    Just started looking into it and too lazy to do research before showcasing this off. Check it out.
  2. I saw someone playing the original Legend of Zelda on this... it is definitely something I would not mind experiencing.
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  3. @Dat Kid MICS BRO!? LEFT 4 DEAD BRO!?
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  4. im confused, I never claimed that. I was asking about it's gaming aspects and if the article is legit in some way for it.

    Or is the article claiming it's only a browser and I missed that?
  5. Oh, I'm a dumb dumb. Thought this was a different thread.
    It sounds like a pretty crappy DIY to me, I've seen a lot from Oculus rift and a phone and some mirrors can't replicate that.
  6. Agree'd, that was my safe assumption. Are you looking into getting one? Seriously $350 isn't much to ask for IMO, the Skyrim one alone left me slightly dizzy but the mario kart and other capabilities for it leave endless possibilities.

    The 2nd page i have the dude plays it on Minecraft, and I think you might enjoy that, it was pretty great to me and I don't buy into the minecraft concept.
  7. Not to waste the thread, but the oculus > PS4 and Xbox one for at least another 18 months IMO.
  8. I agree, getting to play all the games you know and love from a completely new perspective is definitely better than paying $500+ for a new system and the few games they have released.
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  9. and it also includes PC games I have never played or wanted to via 1st person. There are a ton of games that would/will be 100x better because they are in that 1st person angle. The ones I want most but know will suck fucking dick is the RE series, but there are a lot of games that I know will be so much better because of how it works.

    Even just the skyrim game and how it would appear would be so amazing.
  10. Nah, I like to use a mouse and keyboard. VR hasn't got my interest yet.
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  11. I can appreciate that.

    I appreciate the help for it, i know you know a lot more about PC as a whole than I do, and wanted a 2nd person's knowledge on it, since no one around here would do it. I know you do CoD shit and i think the FPS would be the only one that would be hurt from the VR deal, i just was looking up the virtual boy (worst system ever) and it was on the sidebar for it...and was instantly memorized by it tbh.

    I might bother you again in a couple weeks when i start to build my first PC on my own. I dropped 1800 about 8 years ago and sold it for 1400 only 2 years later, so i know building my own pc >>>>> buying one.
  12. You gotta watch this... I think I would be just like them at first lol
  13. Not just FPS, anything which requires fast reactions. Nothing beats your own hands when it comes to that.
    And sure, if you wanna give me a budget and purpose I can put together a part list for you.
  14. Did you get dead island?
  15. More excited for educational use than gaming use, could really revolutionize learning in my opinion.

    Games will always be immersion-breaking considering need for K+M, and motion controls are not the answer.
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