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  1. So apparently the Oscar-worthy WWE studios is producing another amazing movie called Oculus.

    The first impression I got from the trailer was this crazy bitch talking to a mirror, asking it if it was 'hungry'. As we all know, that is normal. I always ask my medicine cabinet mirror if it is hungry just before I go to work each morning. In some parts of this trailer, the monster, demon, ghost, or whatever the hell it is looks creepy in some instances. I believe this movie is just going to be a clusterfuck of shit put together to make 13 year olds piss their pants and tell their parents never to let them see another Rated R movie again. (I don't even know if said movie will be rated R ). What are your thoughts on this little magnificent trailer we have been given?
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  2. Meh. I feel like I seen the whole thing by watching the trailer. I don't like when they do that.
    I am going to guess it to be a solid 4 our of 10.
  3. Wow, you're very generous. I would give it a 1/10
  4. the 4 is because of the acting, it doesn't "seem" horrible. But then again, they could prove me wrong. lol
    I don't plan on seeing it though.
  5. Its a possible Netflix for me if it ever gets on live-stream. I've already wasted my money on a horror film by seeing Devil's Due.
  6. I may watch it on netflix eventually, but I am not that into horror films. I have a few I enjoy though, but they border more on suspense and drama than horror.
  7. They've been a terrible mess lately. There hasn't been good 'horror' in a long time.
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  8. 100% agreed. The whole genre sold out.
  9. Insidious? I thought that was a pretty good film.. the second film was not as good though.
  10. Okay, I give you that one. Insidious was a great film. Other than that, I could shit scarier things.
    Side note: Your signature and avatar is horrendous.
  11. Yeah, I'll change it in a few days. Thanks once again to @Butters lol
  12. I do not like it. It makes me cringe.
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