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  1. Just for fun, what are the oddest bits of merch you've seen released by one of the big companies (WWE, WCW and ECW) and why is it Steve Austin branded condoms?

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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. lol'd at this


    Light up your world, BROTHER!
  4. It's not really that odd. But it was one of my favorite toys as a kid. Each action figure had a little metal censor on their foot that would make the stage play their theme music. I remember the toy being defective and randomly playing the music without being touched. So I would wake up during the middle of the night to Gangrels theme music unexpectedly coming on lmao
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  5. I had this too.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Thankfully the Daniel Bryan bearded hat never caught on. But the Unicorn horns are apparently one of the best moving products WWE has. Selling out as fast as they get in stock. People are weird.
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  7. The unicorn is the top selling item?
  8. One off. It sells out at a very impressive/scary rate. I have all three members of the new day followed on twitter and they retweet a lot of messages from fans saying they couldn't get their unicorn horns because they legit sold out the moment they were put back on sale. Selling like Metallica tickets.
  9. That's crazy. Must be why they keep the titles on these guys. And, give them way too much mic time.
  10. Who the fuck would buy a unicorn horn? I'm a weirdo and that's too far even for me.
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  11. Show Spoiler

    Oddly enough mainly adults are the ones buying them. Either that or WWE are just filtering out all the pics of kids wearing them for comedy's sake.

    Granted New Day is legit one of the most over acts in the WWE and even a bit of a ratings draw.
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  12. I think the unicorn horn is more of a comedy thing than anything and that's why a lot of grown men are seen wearing them. I have my fair share of weird items but a single horn just looks too close to a penis and I don't want to wear anything penis shaped on my forehead.
  13. [​IMG]

    Not so much odd as they are stupid. Text messaging devices for kids I guess.
  14. The Unicorn horns definitely come to mind. lol
  15. This one isn't real, but I wish it were lol:

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  16. People who like to wear the same stuff that people they like like to wear. I wouldn't buy one, honestly, but I can see why some might.

    Also, [​IMG] -

    I remember having a Hollywood Hogan and DDP stuff toy, but they didn't look as retarded as this.
  17. [​IMG] - I remember I mentioned that I loved my Sting walkie-talkie to death, and this is that toy. It freaked me out, but I still kept it. I gave no shit about Goldberg and thought it was Steve Austin. I had my Sting walkie until around 2005 when I lost it under a couch and Spiders colonized his circuitry.
  18. You would want a Cena dildo to stick up your candyass... Sick fuck.
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  19. "this isn't real.... but I wish it were"

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