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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. RVD and Ricardo? wtf?

    turrible. Also, didn't take long for RR to be overexposed. He was cringeworthy on the stick and with his mannerisms.

    just, gross.
  2. The Wellness Alliance ftw. We all know RVD needs a mouthpiece, but guess this means Van Dam is taking Dolph's spot in the #1 contender's match. Boo. But DZ will be with Bryan as part of the new D-X which is much higher than the irrelevant WHC, so that's fine.
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  3. I wonder if there is a swerve coming up here. Like Ricardo turning on RVD and helping Del Rio retain the title and going back with him. I doubt it and it wouldn't make any real sense at all but it's just something I'm spinning in my head. I can see Ricardo introducing RVD and being in his corner for this feud, but I don't know about remaining together in the long term. RVD doesn't really need the mouth piece. He's a cool and laid back dude and can get by with just saying for a few words. He's gotten this far with just pointing and saying his initials and has consistently remained one of the most popular guys on the roster. I guess they needed to put Ricardo somewhere, though. Him pointing to himself with RVD and marking out for him is as good as anything.

    Del Rio/RVD should be awesome, btw.
  4. None of those characters involved in the feud entertain me at all. The match should be good though, but the build is just something I won't be paying much or any attention to.
  5. True. Weirded out when I watched it... o.o

    THE WELLNESS ALLIANCE! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Robbbbbbbbbb Vannnnnnnnnn Dammmmmmmm

    Damn how does it work? I'm gonna miss the ALBERTOOOOOO DELLLLLLLL RIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    I guess it's the initials, ADR and RVD. But yah that was very odd pairing. Did not see it coming at all. Thoght Rey would show up since ADR was talking about Latinos community and someone to cheer for..

  7. I'm with Gayo. I'll probably watch the match itself as it should be good, but I give exactly 0 fucks about this angle. RvD sucks dick, period. ADR puts on good/great matches, but otherwise he's just fucking boring. Meh.
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  8. I'm actually a tad bit interested in what they are doing with ADR's character, if only because it is so weird and lame. No way they really plan to just give him a gimmick where he sucks up to the Mexican community.
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  9. I think it'll just be for this feud and there may even be a swerve. Who knows.

  10. My first thought during his promo (since a lot of the Latinos in both L.A. and Anaheim popped when he started talking good about Latinos) was that they were building toward a Bret-Hart-style pro-Canada/anti-America gimmick, which would be interesting when compared with Swagger/Cesaro/Coulter's Real Americans gimmick (especially since they're both heel gimmicks).

    Then, he started touting himself as the "Hero of the Latino Community" and that ended for me.

    It is an interesting idea, but I'm with Hoss in that I thought Rey would be returning (albeit with no promos or anything) in Anaheim to challenge ADR.

    I do think the match-up between ADR and RVD will be interesting, though. I don't know how I'll feel about the build-up. But the writing's been a lot better lately, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it.

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