Oddly dressed fan jumps barricade at RAW. Struts with the champ

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Seth's expression makes the entire thing. "The fuck is going on?"
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  2. lol Cool how Seth didn't really come out of character and just went along with it.
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  3. Cena on the other hand was kinda worried. ^
    He was like, Oh shit, Seth watch out!"
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  4. Saw this this morning and watched the video. Pretty funny. Everybody in the ring after talking about "get that guy outta here"
  5. LOL, for a second I thought the person was this Serbian musician called Rasta.
  6. Seth is such a boss. He didn't give a shit.
  7. The worst thing to do is freakout in any situation. So kudos to Seth for keeping it calm.
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  8. True plus I'm sure Seth just would've beat his ass had someone tried to hurt him.
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  9. Yeah, Seth was like "The hell is that? Nevermind." *keeps walking* On the other hand, Mr. Cena was freaking out. lol
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  10. I was gonna say, Cena be all pointing and shit. Straight thug....anomics
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  11. Cena was scared, because that man could counter the shovel and was really Seth's real teammate...

    Or they shoulda just let him in the ring and everyone beat the crap outta him.
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  12. That's what made me laugh. Like, gee oh thanks Cena, we wouldn't have noticed this dude jumped the barricade without your concern.
  13. Holy shit D'Z in the wrestling section again! Nice to see you man
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  14. [​IMG]

    is this.. .a wrestling section? huh
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