# of Pictures in Sig

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by [://puls3], Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. 2 is kinda low. Do you think you could make it 3? or at least make it 3 for donators or something?
  2. 2 is more than enough.
  3. The 3 images that I was going to use only add up to 600x200. It's not like an obscenely large sig... I just want a little more customization.
  4. Ignore Xanth on most things he says.

    Anyway, funny you suggest this, since Anonymous is working on a plugin to allow Superstars+ more images, I think you're getting the ability to have 5 in your sig. Registered members will be restricted to one after.

    Patience :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Or you could combine the images.
  6. Combining jpg and gifs isn't the simplest thing in the world. I'll just wait till it's increased I guess.
  7. Could be done by today, as Anonymous already has it working for his sig (check his profile for the jack swaggers).
  8. Man got to know his limitations.
  9. I finished this yesterday, Superstars should already be able to add more than two images. It works for Big Hoss Rambler.

    It may be because the images are Gifs.

    The limit is 10, just don't go bat-shit crazy with the gifs.
  10. good shizzzz.

    Thanks =]
  11. Hi, i was wondering something.. where do i change/write signature? i'm new here..
  12. You need 10 posts then go to user cp and then change signature @[Daud]
  13. thanks! :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Doesn't it give an error message if you don't have 10 posts and you try to update your signature? If it doesn't then Crayo should add one so it'll be easier for new people to know.


    Haha, I can mention @Crayo. Can you do that @[seabs]? :troll:
  15. @[Crayo] Da fuq? I thought he loved me fag.

    @Fag :troll:{U MAD HOSS?}
  16. Nah it doesn't unfortunately. Good idea though.
  17. @Fag is GOAT. /discussion
  18. I'm not a fag :cry:{Shut up seabs}
  19. Stop denying it, you fag! Even faggotman who PM'ed me is less phag then you!

    :laugh: #Gringe
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